[UPDATE: At the request of Disney, we have removed images of the leaked Episode IX poster.]

Well Star Wars fans, it looks like we might have our first glimpse at Star Wars: Episode IX. Freshly making the rounds is a new poster, rumored to be “official”. The source of the leak is unknown, but judging by what we know and what we’ve heard, this Episode IX poster might very well be legit.  While we cannot show it to you, you can see the full poster HERE.

Is this Leaked Episode IX Poster “Official”?

Breaking this down, the poster does include a lot of elements we’ve already reported to you. Let’s go back to the leaked concept art we showed you last month. Poe’s look in the Episode IX poster, as well as Rey’s and Kylo Ren’s, matches exactly what is depicted in the concept art. So too does BB-8’s little buddy. Likewise, Finn’s apparel seems to match what we’ve seen in leaked set photos. But the poster shows so much more than just the main characters.

Star Wars: Episode IX trailer release

Also included in this image are the Knights of Ren. We’ve been waiting for them to appear since they were first mentioned, and seen in Rey’s Force vision, in The Force Awakens. The poster also features the red Stormtroopers we told you about, as well. All of those things, I suppose, are to be expected. It’s the unexpected things, however, that make this Episode IX poster really interesting.

New Characters and Ships in Episode IX Poster

First, it appears that we’ll be seeing another new TIE Fighter, with more triangular wings. This is a first in the saga for an Imperial/First Order fighter of this type. Likewise, the poster features a character clad in purple and gold. If rumors are true, this is Keri Russell’s secretive and unnamed character.

Episode IX Poster
Major Vonreg pursues Poe and Kaz in Resistance Episode 17. Red Stormtroopers similar to Vonreg will appear in Episode IX. (Image: Disney)

Then comes C-3PO. Oscar Isaac told us Threepio would have a larger role in the film. But Threepio donning Chewbacca’s bandolier and bowcaster? Let’s hope that’s not indicative of Chewie’s fate in Episode IX. (As we’ve said before: If Chewie dies, we riot!) There is certainly a lot more to digest here with this leaked Episode IX poster, too. For instance, where are Luke and Leia? Where’s Artoo, for that matter??  

Take a look, and tell us what you think!

Source: makingstarwars.net