Childbirth is a beautiful experience, but when the adorable baby is the Antichrist things get complicated in Babyteeth Vol. 1.

Sadie Ritter is like any normal 16-year-old girl until she finds herself pregnant. She hid the pregnancy as best she could, and it worked. However, one day when her sister, Heather, picked her up from school Sadie’s water broke.  When it did the earth shook.

Sadie and Heather drove to the hospital and with every contraction another earthquake.  The moment when baby Clark was born the earthquakes stopped. Clark was a very fussy baby and cried a lot and very loud.  He would not latch on so Sadie could breastfeed no matter how much she tried.

However, after countless attempts Clark finally latched on and stopped crying.  After a few moments of relief Sadie sees Clark has retractable teeth and was drinking her blood.

The birth of Clark raised red flags for an organization called The Silhouette.  Their job is to fight demons, ghosts, and in this case the Antichrist. They send an assassin to hunt down and kill Clark and Sadie, but her family will fight to protect them.

Babyteeth Vol. 1 was written by Donny Cates with art by Garry Brown and Mark Englert.  AfterShock Comics published the volume in 2017.

This comic is a breeze to read through.  Some comics are clunky and take a long time to just read a single issue, but this I finished really quickly.  I like it when I don’t have to drag myself through a comic, as long as I feel like the comic gave me a meaty story.

The comic has a meaty story, but it was just chunks of meat from all over.  It has a lot of flashbacks and flashforwards. They didn’t confuse me, and were done well, but they really teased me with how long it would take to get to the heart of the story.

This volume is all backstory on the characters.  The three major characters being Sadie, Heather and their father The Captain were all explained well.  I know all three of their motivations and I care about them. Clark is just a baby so I know nothing about him, but I am very interested to see what they do with him in future volumes.

The reader is thrown into a deep story and not a lot is explained upfront.  However, a little is explained at a time and whenever I asked who someone was the comic immediately explained.

Sadie loves Clark with all her heart and doesn’t care what he is.  I liked that aspect and am worried how she will react once she finally finds out what he is.  Also what will the rest of her family do once they find out?

My only real complaint about this volume is I want less backstory and wanted to get into the action.  It hints a lot about what will happen in the future, but it doesn’t say how or why it happens. It is great marketing I guess because I will buy the next volume and see where this story will go.

A really good start to a story, but I just wanted less hinting and more full blown action.  I want to see what Clark can do and what The Silhouette will do to stop him or it.