endgame tie-in

Disney screened a new Avengers: Endgame scene at this year’s annual shareholders meeting. In the process, they dropped some clues on Captain Marvel’s whereabouts since the end of her solo film. 

[Spoiler Alert: The following contains spoilers about Captain Marvel and Avengers: Endgame.]

Captain Marvel takes place in 1995. By the end of the film, Carol leaves Earth. Before she goes, she gives Fury that nifty pager we saw him use before he’s dusted in that Infinity War midcredits scene. In ten years of MCU films we’ve never seen her return to Earth or help out the Avengers. The next logical question is where has she been since she left and before she returns for Endgame?

Turns out that Carol felt that her talents were of better use in other parts of the universe. 

Twitter user Scott Ladewig (@Ladewig) was in attendance and described the footage in a series of tweets.

This new detail will most likely set up future Captain Marvel sequels. The fate of Thor and the Guardians Of The Galaxy is still in question (that is until we see Endgame). This leaves the cosmic reaches of the Marvel Cinematic Universe unattended for the moment. Or so we thought.

Carol Danvers was and is the natural successor to the role of the MCU’s intergalactic protector. It’s possible and now more probable that the Captain Marvel sequels after Endgame won’t have Carol returning to Earth but doing some protecting and avenging on other planets.