Warner Bros. is actively developing a new property they hope has the potential to become a top action-adventure franchise. Created by writer Bill DuBuque (Ozark, The Accountant), Jett Day will tell the story of a black ops agent working to keep a newly discovered diamond mine from falling into the hands of foreign powers.

DuBuque’s script thrilled studio exec Kevin McCormick who is now searching for a director and working with the studio to develop a potential list of candidates to take on both the lead role of Jett Day and his Uncle Brendan, the man who raised Jett and introduced him into the world of espionage. The studio is hoping for a Chris Hemsworth-type for the role of Day and a Brad Pitt-type for Brendan.

Warner Bros. is hopeful to get the wheels in motion on the project in the near future as they hope to roll cameras before the end of 2019. Stay tuned to That Hashtag Show for more on Jett Day as it becomes available.