The trailer for Power Rangers Beast Morphers was released on tv. Thanks to kevstar92 for recording the original clip and posting it to Twitter and Instagram, and TheAGames10 uploading a higher quality clip on YouTube, we get our very first look at what’s to come in Power Rangers Beast Morphers.

In this clip we get a look at the villains of the season, and their possible base. We see a giant projection of the main villain, Evox, and Cyber villains Blaze and Roxy’s human outfits. Something to notice is Blaze’s suit is red to reference his evil red ranger form, but Roxy’s is yellow. Perhaps her sentai monster suit counterparts recoloring is too hint that it is possibly repurposed for a “ranger form”. The villains base looks like it could possibly be a completely digital zone where Evox lives, and Blaze And Roxy come and go.

For the Rangers we see them wearing what looks like communicators but when activated turn into their Beast X Morphers. To morph they use the new gimmick created by Hasbro, the Morph X Keys, and get surrounded by energy of their color along with their beast animal roaring.

The clip also shows original cockpits and new weapons, like the Cheetah Beast Blaster. The red ranger uses a new weapon inside the zord which cause a special visor to morph over his helmet to do a final attack.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers is set to premiere March 2nd. Are you excited from what you saw in the trailer?! Leave a comment below about what you thought!