Mods for Soulcalibur are amazing for putting your favorite pop culture characters in it. And this new one is no exception.

The White Ranger has been modded into the game. And his move set is based on Mitsurugi’s moveset. The armor is not the armor you can use in creator mode, but it’s the actual White Ranger suit, and it looks amazing.

This version of the White Ranger comes straight from the show and comics and the suit looks exactly like it does in the show, of course, he needs a weapon and his weapon of choice? Saba. Which also looks incredible.

This isn’t the first time the Power Rangers have been modded into the game. The Dragonzord has been modded into the game. Ninjor has been as well, and even the Black Dino Ranger, and other characters as well. And it’s nice to see what people can do with characters in video game like this one.

Source: Comicbook