Merry Christmas, everyone! Today, a leaked image of Clint Barton portrayed by Jeremy Renner has leaked online and he looks pretty freakin’ cool! This what we were all hoping for when we heard that Hawkeye would be turning into Ronin in this film.

In the teaser for Avengers: Endgame we get a glimpse of Ronin and we’ve even speculated why he’s in Japan in film and it all harkens back to Ronin’s comic book origin. Speaking of the comics, as you can see some slight changes were made to Ronin’s mask but it still captures the feel from the source material.

In the next coming months we’re most definitely going to get more image from our favorite Marvel characters but until then, what do you think of Ronin’s lookin Avengers: Endgame? Leave a message in the comments below to chime in.