Jedi in Exile: Luke Skywalker

Image: Disney/Lucasfilm

Yoda and Ob-Wan lived in exile for specific and almost divine purposes. The reasons for Luke acting as a Jedi in Exile are not nearly as clear. We know the when: Han Solo told Rey that Luke disappeared after Ben/Kylo destroyed Luke’s new Jedi Order. Beyond that, we never really discover the true reasons for his self-imposed exile.

We can only assume that his perceived failure with Ben Solo devastated him so greatly that he felt exile was the only solution. Then again, that reason makes little sense. If Kylo Ren was as powerful as Luke had imagined, why would he not do whatever he could to ensure that power didn’t harm the galaxy?

Jedi in Exile
Image: Disney/Luasfilm

Ultimately Luke’s exile would provide Rey various aspects of training and self-evaluation that she needed. Perhaps there was purpose to Luke’s exile, even if he himself could never articulate it. Maybe we’ll learn more in Star Wars: Episode IX.

So which Jedi in exile do you think had the greatest purpose in seclusion?