Bumblebee is the best of the Transformers films, fulfilling the dreams of many fans.  And while it had many Autobot and Decepticon cameos, there was a noticeable omission.  So, director Travis Knight explained why Megatron wasn’t in the film.


Bumblebee begins with an epic battle on Cybertron, a homage to the original cartoon’s opening episode. “I got to tell you, that was one of the biggest thrills for me, in this process, was bringing Cybertron to life,” said Travis Knight (via Screen Rant). “And seeing the fall of Cybertron, just a glimpse of it. Because that’s where the animated series began. And we wanted to begin this film in the same manner, to pay tribute to that. And it was so much fun. I tried to stuff as much as I possibly could into those opening moments. Just because that’s the movie I’ve always wanted to see. I would love to see a movie like that.”

Optimus Prime and the Autobots are making their last stand against Shockwave and the Decepticons.  Many classic characters are shown including, Ratchet, Wheeljack, and Soundwave.  However, Megatron, the leader of the Decepticons is not shown.


Fans assumed the filmmakers were saving him for the sequel.  However, Travis Knight clarified that the appearance of Megatron would not make sense if Bumblebee is a prequel to Michael Bay’s Transformers

“I had this whole thing boarded where we’re where we see Megatron and he comes in like Sauron, just blowing sh*t up and laying waste to everything,” he said (via Comic Book Movie). “However, we then realized in this world, Megatron is currently frozen on Earth, as seen in 2007’s Transformers, so that was out.”


This decision may have been made early in development.  Because at the end of Bumblebee, Optimus Prime makes a cameo appearance on Earth.  The 2007 Transformers movie suggests that Optimus Prime makes his first arrival to Earth during the film.  To keep continuity with the Michael Bay films, Optimus Prime would have to leave Earth so he could arrive come back later to meet Sam Witwicky.


Bumblebee is not just a good Transformers movie or even sci-fi movie.  It is a great adventure with real heart.  So, a whole new cinematic universe starting with this movie has huge promise.  And Hasbro has a huge catalog.  Therefore, GI Joe, MASK, ROM, Micronauts, Action Man, or even the Visionaries could find a place alongside the Robots in Disguise. When asked if the theory that Bumblebee could be a soft reboot of G.I. Joe, with John Cena as Duke, is crazy, Travis Knight, replied, “I don’t think it’s that crazy, but I can neither confirm nor deny. I’m sorry. I wish I could.”


Bumblebee star John Cena was very excited by the idea.  “Promote that man,” he said (via Screen Rant). “As like a geek of those universes colliding, I think that is a tremendous idea. But once again, we are the lowlies. All we can do is use our voice, make this movie, and hopefully the people making the movie, or fans, could agree with us or disagree. If it’s not me, and I’m very thankful for the kind words, I just think these two franchises have so many connections. And in a world of universes colliding, I think this is a perfect match. Whether I’m in it or not, I hope to see it.”