By: Rey King

Picking up where MMPR left off, Power Rangers Zeo became the forth season (second installment) to this popular pop-culture franchise. Using the crystals that the rangers retrieved in the previous season, the Rangers harness the the Zeo Crystal to become the new fighting force known as the Power Rangers Zeo. The Zeo Zords were just one of the many new powers that they received. These all new Zords were created and based on different creatures and structures from different ancient Earth mythology.

Tommy was given a phoenix, a bird that is known to die and regenerate its self to obtain new life by rising from the ashes of its previous form which could be a hidden message for Tommy’s (Jason David Frank) roll in Power Rangers throughout the franchise. Adam (Johnny Young Bosch) was given a Sacred Bull (Taurus) a Zodiac constellation, and Rocky (Steve Cardenas) was given a Sphinx, a mythical logical creature with a head of a human and the body of a lion.

However, when the girls were given their new Zords the girls were cheated from having epic Zords to having Zords that must be towed by Adam’s and Rocky’s Zords. Tanya (Nakia Burrise)
the new girl of the team received a Dogū, a humanoid and animal figure that was made during the Jōmon period of prehistoric Japan.

Kat’s (Catherine Sutherland) Zeo Zord was based on a Moai, a monolithic human figure that was carved by the Rapa Nui people and left on Easter Island in Eastern Polynesia. Although these Zordswere brought over from the super sentai series Ohranger, the same thought still comes to mind. How can you replace existing zords from Ohranger/Zeo for the girls and still make them work as the feet of the Zeo Megazord? Let’s stick to the mythical theme of the Zords starting with Tanya.

Although this particular creature wouldn’t make sense for the Super Sentai, it could blend in nicely with Tanya’s Africa background. Seeing as Aisha sent her back with the Zeo crystal from Africa I believe that the mythical creature known as the Grootslang would make for an excellent replacement for a Tanya’s Zeo Zord. The Grootslang is a legendary creature that is said to dwell in a cave in Richtersveld, South Africa. With the body of an elephant and a long snake whip-like tail, a grootslang is known in mythology as having Tremendous strength, being extremely
cunning and having a large level of intelligence. As a Zord, the Grootslang would be like the Triceratops Zord from MMPR, it would be just the beast itself with tank treads to allow the Zord to be mobile. To form the left leg of the Zeo Megazord, it will collapse into itself and have the tail retract into the body of the Zord. Lastly, it will rise up to form the left leg for the Zeo Megazord. This Zord still utilizes the Zeo II battle helmet: Rocket Mode by removing the front face portion of the Zord along with the tusk that allows it to accomplish this formation.

Lastly is Kat, I have given Kat the Chinese guardian lion. This mythical creature is often miscalled a “Foo Dog” within the west and “Shi” in China. These creatures date back to the Han Dynasty, being used to protect the temple and other important building within China. The Chinese guardian lion is a symbol of power and protection. Their statues are usually found in all countries where the Chinese have been known to settle. As a Zord, the Guardian lion would be like the T-RexLiner Zord form RPM, it would be just the guardian lion itself as train car-like Zord armed with a cannon sticking out it’s back. This new Zord can form the right leg just by folding straight up to form the leg, the cannon pushes flush within the back of the Zord so that
the leg looks clean. This Zord still utilizes the Zeo I battle helmet: Cannon Mode by removing the cannon part from its back to allow it to accomplish this formation.