To be honest this weekend wrapped up a pretty boring weekend at the box office.  Of the new films, none cracked the top 5, so the top 5 remains the same power houses as last week. They simply reshuffled themselves a bit.

Reigning supreme once more is Ralph Breaks the Internet.  Ralph brought in another $25.8 million this past week end.  This was an easy repeat for this hit movie.  Look for a three-peat next week as there are no new openings next week either.

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Jumping up two spots from last weekend and leaning on holiday popularity, The Grinch takes second place with $17.7 million.  Again, look for this to hold strong for one more week before it gets muscled out of the top 5.

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Falling one spot from two to three is the boxing sequel Creed II.  This sequel, which apparently is also the retirement film for Rocky Balboa, made $16.8 million.  It is holding solid and still outperforming the first movie, Creed.

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Falling to #4 in its third week, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald with $11.2 million.  This movie is nowhere near bomb-out territory.  It has topped the global box office for three weeks now, but domestically, this is the lowest producing Potter movie to date.  It also has the lowest reviews of the 10 total movies.  If future sequels do not improve their box offices, this could be a franchise in danger.

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Finally, we have Bohemian Rhapsody hanging onto the fifth spot in its fifth week, raking in another $8.1 million.  The only wide release film, The Possession of Hannah Grace could not manage better than seventh with a paltry $6.5 million.


This was a pretty vanilla week.  Look for the same one more time as there are no wide releases next week either.  We currently sit in the eye of the storm before the Christmas Holiday movies hit.  Next week we will see nothing new, but after that we get the huge hits such as Bumblebee, Aquaman, Mortal Engines, and Into the Spidserverse.