With Hasbro getting the master toy license next spring, it would’ve been a shock for the last of the Legacy Line figures to get released.

But, it looks like the last 2 figures won’t be getting made. Bandai had told Power Rangers NOW, that due to the license expiring soon, they will be unable to make the Pink and Yellow Psycho Ranger figures.

Now, this is a major blow for the collectors who wanted to finish out their Psycho Ranger collection. They did make the Psycho Green Ranger from the BOOM! Studios comics universe into a figure, but that character wasn’t on In Space at all.

To be fair, the female figures have always had the problem of not really selling, but this still is not good. But the handoff of the master toy license from Bandai to Hasbro won’t give Bandai enough time to get the rest of the figures made to get distributed to retailers.

However, the Red, Blue, and Black Psycho Rangers are currently up for pre-order, so if you didn’t get them yet, you can pre-order them to make sure you get them before Hasbro starts to release their toys. And if you didn’t get the Green Psycho Ranger yet, you might want to brave eBay to find it.

Source: Comic Book