John C. Reilly is a prolific actor and comedian who has appeared in a wide range of films, including the Aviator, Step Brothers, and Kong: Skull Island.  He reprises the title role of Wreck-It Ralph in its sequel Ralph Breaks the Internet.  In the movie, Ralph and Vanellope need to keep Vanellope’s game Sugar Rush from being scrapped.  The two travel into the Internet to find a rare replacement part that can fix her game.


Talking about Ralph, a vintage arcade game character, being thrust into the internet in Ralph Breaks the Internet, Reilly said, “The character, it was initially even conceived as a fish out of water kind of character. That was a lot of what we played with in the first film. Is how does Ralph behave, or how does any video game character, behave in a game that’s not his own. And then the Internet is this literally infinite landscape. So, I don’t know. There’s a lot of really fun metaphors that we’re also playing with in the film.”


“This idea that the arcade is like the childhood kind of arena of their friendship. And the Internet represents the sort of larger world beyond as they grow and mature,” Reilly said.  “Ralph really worked so hard to get a friend in that first one. He’s like got it. Rest of life, solved [LAUGHTER].”

“And then Vanellope starts to grow and mature.  And realizing that she wants to feel like she belongs somewhere, and it’s not her candy game. So, I think a lot of kids and adults are finding a lot of stuff in the film that they can really relate to in terms of the way relationships evolve. So, I think there’s something here for a lot of people. And certainly, a lot of jokes that operate on a lot of different levels.”

Ralph Breaks the Internet hits theaters November 21, 2018.