Question and answer time with JTC

I could not finish this interview without asking him a few questions about Star Wars and some of his favorite work. Some of these questions I got from members in the Midwest Star Wars Fanatics group on Facebook.

John Tyler Christopher


What has been your favorite cover so far?

“Well Boba Fett is my favorite. It was a life changing experience to see how much people loved it and how fast it sold out. This is why I do it. Well I guess I have two. Darth Vader is my other one. I mean look I got to drawn a Darth Vader action figure how cool is that!”

If you could pick any cover to do who would it be?

“Ahsoka Tano! She was a great character in the Clone Wars.”

Have you ever thought about doing ships like an X-wing on your covers?

“I have, but when you look at the vintage box for the ships the art looks different then the carded figures. Also, what size would I make the ship on the cover. I don’t want to take away that vintage feel of the item.”

Are you planning on being at any cons coming up?

“I will be at Star Wars Celebration next year. I not sure if I will be there as myself or working with a retailer or something.”

Final Thoughts

“I truly feel blessed,” he told me. “I never wanted to play in the Super Bowl, or be an actor, or a musician. Literally all I ever wanted to do since I was a kid is draw.” That passion, passion for his work and Star Wars, was readily evident in our conversation. But the best thing about John Tyler Christopher is that he does it for the fans. JTC is very thankful for all of his fans, and his goal is to give them something they will love.  He certainly did for me: his cover art was what really got me into Star Wars comics. Getting to spend this time talking with him was an honor.

John Tyler Christopher

You can follow John Tyler Christopher’s work on his webpage at Also make sure to check out his Princess Leia cover, exclusive to his page, on November 15th. I would like to thank John Tyler Christopher for his time and talking about his work and Star Wars. Let me know what you think about his work by hitting me up on Twitter @starwarsnerd574. Make sure you use the hashtags #thathashtagshow and #jtcstarwars.