Screenwriter David Callaham has been commissioned by Marvel Studios to write an upcoming and yet to be announced film.  Since writing the screenplay for 2005’s Doom, Callaham has quickly ascended as a writer. He has done character work on the Expendables franchise, wrote 2014’s Godzilla and has scripts for 3 major upcoming films (Wonder Woman 1984, Mortal Kombat and Zombieland 2) in various stages of development.

Callaham boarded the new project earlier this month, but at this time we are unable to learn the specifics of the project. We do know that it is a film and not one of the limited series currently being developed for Disney Play. The 41-year old Fresno native and University of Michigan grad is no stranger to Marvel Studios, having done some uncredited work on Peyton Reed‘s Ant-Man, and his very diverse resume of projects (including the Amazon series Jean-Claude Van Johnson) doesn’t give us much to go on as we speculate.

What It Is Not

Black Widow, The Eternals and the sequel to Black Panther are set. Black Widow was penned by Jac Schaeffer while Matthew and Ryan Firpo tag teamed the script for The Eternals. Ryan Coogler recently signed on to write and direct the follow up to Black Panther. With Black Widow and The Eternals expected to enter production in 2019, it’s highly unlikely that Marvel Studios has decided to scrap a script entirely and start over with a new writer. It’s much more likely that Callaham is working on a yet-to-be-announced project.

What It Might Be

Literally anything else. Could Callaham be the writer of the Dark Avengers script we reported on earlier this month? It’s certainly possible, though at this point he’s just as likely to the scribe of that script as he is any other film. We know that Marvel Studios is developing a Doctor Strange sequel, that Kevin Feige has teased adding the Young Avengers and that they would like to introduce a number of new characters, including a handful of new female characters. Callaham’s diverse portfolio makes him equally likely to be working on any one of those projects. Whatever the project is, we wouldn’t be too surprised to hear more about it in the near future. With Callaham coming on board this late in 2018, it would be in line with recent Marvel Studios protocol for them to be hoping to get the script in order to film in late 2019 or early 2020, making it a candidate for either the May 7th or November 5th, 2021 release. It’s also entirely possible that Callaham may take his time on this project and we may not even see it in the near future. Whatever the case, we certainly hope to stir the drink and get some more details in the near future.

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