One of the DC TV shows that has been with us since 2014 is the Batman prequel drama Gotham on FOX as we have been following the story of Bruce Wayne, Jim Gordon and many of Batman’s greatest foes. But unfortunately, the DC drama’s days are counted as the series was renewed for a fifth and final season that will air on FOX this TV season. Season 5, which is set for a ten-episode run, is adding new characters who are being cast and That Hashtag Show has learned of two of them, one being related to a big DC villain!

First up we have Eduardo Dorrance who is male of any ethnicity in his mid-30s-early 40s who will be a recurring guest star. Described as being really well fit, Eduardo has been a warrior for quite some time now, as he has the commitment of a tireless soldier to follow every kind of order he is given. He is intolerant to betrayal, hence his full loyalty to his fellow soldiers. Whoever plays Eduardo would appear in episode 5 (filming 9/7 -9/19), episode 6 (filming 9/19 – 10-1), episode 8 (filming 10/12 – 10/24), and episode 9 (filming 10/20 – 11/5).

For hardcore Batman fans, they will recognize the name as the father of the man who broke the bat…Bane! While he goes by Edmund Dorrance in the comics, given the timeline that Gotham exists in, this definitely seems like it is Bane’s father. Unless, for the weirdest reasons ever, the show would try to introduce Bane’s grandfather which seems very far-fetched. In the comics, Dorrance was part of the British Army before he turned into a mercenary who later became part of the Asian street gang Ghost Dragons, under the identity of King Snake. While he was in Santa Prisca, he ended up sleeping with a female rebel who would become the mother of Bane. Despite getting away, the pregnant woman ended up having to live in prison because of Dorrance’s crimes against the Santa Prisca government. Because of this, Bane ended up growing up in prison.

Then we have the character of Theresa Walker who is a woman of any ethnicity in her 20s and would also be a recurring guest star. Extremely smart as well as driven, she was born and intended to be a leader as she takes control immediately in any room that she is in. Busy planning her next move constantly, Theresa has a major commitment to not just her mission, but also her family. Whoever plays Theresa would appear in episode 6 (filming 9/19 – 10-1), episode 8 (filming 10/12 – 10/24), and episode 9 (filming 10/20 – 11/5).

While there is no DC character of the name Theresa Walker, there is always the chance that Theresa is just a cover name. But only time will tell who she is and what role she will play this season.

Gotham Season 5, the final season, will premiere sometime in 2019 on FOX. What do you think about Bane’s father coming to Gotham City? Sound off in the comments below and be sure to stay tuned here on That Hashtag Show for everything trending in geek pop culture!