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Heroes Struggle To Live Up To Their Super Parents In Netflix’s ‘Jupiter’s Legacy’

With great power comes great responsibility. And with great parents comes a difficult legacy to live up to. In Jupiter’s Legacy, the second-ever generation of superheroes struggles to live up to their parents’ legendary reputations. Check out the teaser trailer for the series below. The new Netflix series is based on the graphic novels by […]

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Flora & Ulysses: Unexpected Superhero Fun (Review)

What’s your favorite superhero origin story? Did you say, “squirrel who gets sucked inside a vacuum cleaner, receives CPR from a 10-year-old, and suddenly gains superpowers?” No? Huh. The Flora-Ulysses dynamic duo might not be your first thought when you think of superheroes. But Flora & Ulysses on Disney+ is a movie the whole family […]

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“The Boys”: When Superheroes Go Bad

When it comes to superheroes these days, all the talk centers on the Avengers. Avengers: Endgame is within spitting distance of catching Avatar for the highest-grossing film of all-time. People are enamored with “earth’s mightiest heroes”. But did you ever stop to think about what would happen when superheroes go bad? That’s the premise of […]