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The Mortal Kombat Trailer Has Been Revealed

“GET OVER HERE”! It is finally here, today Warner Bros and New Line Cinema have released their new Mortal Kombat trailer, and holy sh..! This trailer brings back some of our favorite characters like Sub-Zero, Scorpion, Milenna, and Raiden. But not only did we get a look at them we also can see why Mortal […]

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For The Love Of God Leave Wizard Of Oz (And Other Classics) Alone

It’s finally happened. The joke is that even Studio Executive types know that there are some things that are sacred in filmmaking. The Wizard Of Oz was one of those things that was sacred. Now, even one of the most perfect and classic films of all-time is getting the remake treatment, thanks to our wonderful […]

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EXCLUSIVE: ‘Mortal Kombat’ Reboot Interested In Joel Edgerton As Kano; Character List Update

‘Mortal Kombat’ Reboot Interested In Joel Edgerton As Kano (EXCLUSIVE)

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Exclusive: MORTAL KOMBAT Reboot First Details

EXCLUSIVE: Mortal Kombat reboot will focus on a brand new character named Cole Turner. That Hashtag Show has also uncovered the very first story and character details. It’s been over 20 years since a Mortal Kombat film has been in theaters. But the long wait for another live-action adaptation of this immensely popular game is now over as […]