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DC Creating Scripted Superhero Podcasts With Spotify

The DC Universe is about to get even bigger. Warner Bros. just expanded their deal with Spotify, greenlighting new scripted podcast series starring your favorite DC heroes and villains. While specific series details have not yet been revealed, you can expect to hear Superman, Lois Lane, Wonder Woman, Joker, Catwoman, Katana, The Riddler, Batgirl, and […]

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DC: The Dark Knight Museum Masterline – The Joker Statue

The Clown Prince of Crime is back! Head back to 2008 with this Batman masterpiece from the hit movie, The Dark Knight. Expecting to ship between September 2021 and February 2022 Prime 1 Studio’s The Joker is available to pre-order at This 29-inch tribute to Heath Ledger’s Joker retails for $1590 and is a […]

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The Dark Knight: The Joker Deluxe Statue Is Available Now To Pre-Order

When you think of DC villains the first one that usually comes to mind is the Joker. While there have been many actors that have played this Clown Prince of Crime, one always seems to stand out above them all, and that is Heath Ledger’s The Dark Knight Joker. Well, thanks to Iron Studios The […]

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Jared Leto’s Joker In Zack Snyder’s Justice League Unveiled

We got the tease of a new look for Jared Leto’s Joker last week from Zack Snyder. This week, we got a real treat. A full blown look at the Clown Prince of Crime from the Snyder Cut of Justice League. This might be the same actor that played Joker in Suicide Squad, but this […]


Zack Snyder Gives First Look At Jared Leto As Joker In Justice League

For those out there, we might not want to see Jared Leto as the Joker again. His turn in Suicide Squad was mired with controversy and studio meddling. David Ayer’s vision of the film was warped and tainted into something that was just more of a bland film. What got left on the cutting room […]


Batman: Death In The Family Brings The Story Home On Blu-Ray

The animated wing of DC’s home video department has been on fire for many years now. With releases of most of the famous Batman arcs already out, it was only a matter of time before they got to this one. Batman: Death In The Family was a comic arc that shaped an entire generation of […]

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Joaquin Phoenix Reportedly Offered $50 Million For Two Joker Sequels

The prospects of a sequel to Joker were looking slim. Especially after the film’s release, both Todd Phillips and Joaquin Phoenix were against the idea. Especially for someone like Phoenix, who is a consummate artist, and a firm believer in the process of filmmaking. The Mirror is reporting that Phoenix has been given an offer […]

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“Suicide Squad” Director David Ayer Shares New Look at Joker and Harley

David Ayer, the director of Suicide Squad, Tweets a new scene giving us a different look at Joker and Harley. Basics On June 7, 2020; David Ayer shared on Twitter a black and white scene from his cut of Suicide Squad, depicted above. Here, the scene seems to take place at the Belle Reve Special […]

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Joaquin Phoenix Oscar Win Validates Comic Movies

Last night at the Academy Awards, Joaquin Phoenix won the Oscar for Best Male Performance For a Leading Actor for Joker. The Oscar win not only validates Phoenix, but gives credence to comic book nation by giving a comic book movie its first true Oscar. Validation of the Comic Book Movie For Joaquin Phoenix this […]

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My Joker Review – Masterpiece or Disaster?

I finally saw Joker this weekend and from start to finish I do not think I have ever had a movie keep me so unsettled.  From the disturbing start to the even more chilling ending, Joker keeps you enthralled the way many good horror movies do.  It also left me with the age-old questions posed […]