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Luke Skywalker: Stormtrooper Action Figure Cover Limited To 3000 Pieces

If you are a Star Wars comic collector like myself then you are probably familiar with the name John Tyler Christopher. If not you are missing out. John Tyler Christopher, also known as JTC is the artist responsible for the Marvel and Star Wars action figure comic covers. From Captain America to Boba Fett JTC […]

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Top 10 Boba Fett Star Wars Comic Covers

Just like many of you I became hooked on Star Wars when I was a kid. I can still remember playing with my Star Wars figures non-stop. And of course the one I remember playing with the most was Boba Fett. Well, now that I am a big kid I don’t play with my Boba […]

Comic Books Latest News & Rumors Star Wars

STAR WARS: John Tyler Christopher (JTC) Han Solo Imperial Stormtrooper Comic Cover Limited To 3000

The king of action figure comic covers is at it again. John Tyler Christopher (JTC) has announced his latest limited Star Wars action figure cover and it will not be one that you will want to leave in the trash compactor. Here is the official announcement: STAR WARS #74 JTC EXCLUSIVE | HAN SOLO: IMPERIAL […]

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EXCLUSIVE: One on One With STAR WARS Action Figure and Comic Book Artist John Tyler Christopher

This week I got to talk with my favorite Star Wars comic cover artist John Tyler Christopher (JTC). This interview was special because of what his work means to me. So, if you are a comic/action figure/variant art fan of Star Wars and Marvel, this is a must read for you. How It Started As […]

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  After reading Marvel’s one-shot story Star Wars Becket #1 written by Gerry Duggan, you couldn’t help but think you were in the wild west of Star Wars. No there was no Cad Bane, but when you opened that cover and saw that wanted poster with Beckett on it you knew you were going to be […]