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More Evidence Yoda Failed The Jedi, The Galaxy, in Star Wars

Debate has raged for years with respect to which Star Wars character has the most tragic story. Even we weighed in with our list of the top five most tragic characters in the franchise. In hindsight, however, we might have been too quick to enumerate our choices. In making the determination, most fans (including us) […]

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Comic Book Review: Star Wars The High Republic #1

Last week was an amazing week for Star Wars fans! Not only did we get new novels for the highly anticipated Star Wars: The High Republic series, we also got the first Marvel Comics release as well! Written by Cavan Scott, this comic series takes place at the same time as the Light of the […]

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Rosario Dawson Discusses Ahsoka Tano and Others in Interview About The Mandalorian

Warning: major spoilers for “Chapter 13: The Jedi” of The Mandalorian, season 2. If you have any interest at all in watching the show on Disney+, you can stop here and come back when you’re done. This is the way. Now that Disney+ has aired the latest episode of The Mandalorian, we get to finally […]

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STAR WARS: Celebrate The Saga Action Figure Sets

This past Friday Hasbro officially announced their new STAR WARS: Celebrate the Saga action figure sets. These 3.75-inch figures five-packs will span throughout the the entire Skywalker Saga. These sets will retail for $29.99 and are available now for pre-order. SEE ALSO: LEGO: STAR WARS Bespin Duel 40th Anniversary Set Coming Soon. STAR WARS: Celebrate […]

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Jedi: Fallen Order – EA Gives Fans New Update

Star Wars Day was good to fans this year. Lots of exciting announcements about movies and Disney+ shows, but one of the more exciting ones went to gamers when EA Star Wars and Respawn Entertainment announced new and… wait for it… free updates to it’s smash hit Jedi: Fallen Order! Check out the release video […]

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Star Wars: The High Republic Introduces Wookiee Jedi (But Not The First)

Despite a lackluster launch, we finally learned the details of Project Luminous. Star Wars: The High Republic will kick off a whole new era of the franchise through printed media beginning this August. Which each book and comic cover we see, and with every new detail we discover, fan excitement is beginning to grow. Chief […]

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I, Inquisitor, Part 5 [Exclusive Star Wars Fan Fiction]

Bright suns, Star Wars fans, and welcome to Part 5 of our Hashtag Show exclusive fan fiction, I, Inquisitor. Following the confession of a Tavek Dinaar, a former Jedi padawan-turned-Inquisitor, our story now turns to his first mission. A discovered Jedi weapon has lead Fourth Brother and Third Sister to the planet of Shili. (If […]

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Is Brie Larson: Jedi Knight Coming To Star Wars?

Writer. Director. Actor. Oscar winner. Those words can all be used to describe Brie Larson (Captain Marvel). The soon-to-be thirty-year old Hollywood star has already amassed an impressive career. Notwithstanding, there is one title that has eluded her thus far… Brie Larson: Jedi Knight. After having won an Academy Award for Best Actress (for 2015’s […]

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EA And Respawn Reveal New Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Artwork Ahead of E3

With all of the controversies surrounding Star Wars: Battlefront II, fans are anxiously awaiting to see what Jedi: Fallen Order will bring. The teaser trailer EA and Respawn Entertainment delivered at Star Wars Celebration in April was certainly enticing. Likewise, the Fallen Order artwork we’ve seen thus far has been impressive. Thanks to a tweet […]

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STAR WARS: The Jedi Council Lie That Caused Its Downfall

The Jedi Council must have lied to the Republic Leadership about the miraculous readiness of 200,000 clone troopers. Their decision to lie instead of telling the truth and revealing their blindness resulted in their ultimate destruction. Summary Of The Clone Army’s Creation In Star Wars Episode II – Attack Of The Clones Obi-wan Kenobi learned […]