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DC Comics: Where Do We Go Now?

We kick off a new month with warmer temperatures, the promise of getting outside once more and a brand new beginning for DC Comics. For most of 2020, Dark Knight: Death Metal controlled the fate of the multiverse, but it has...

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Future State Aquaman 2

This week’s Future State titles brings up Aquaman 2. It’s amazing how much the persona and image of Aquaman has changed over the years. He used to be the most maligned and made fun of heroes in DC and all of comics....

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Future State: Nightwing 2

This week’s Future State titles brings us to the end of Dick Grayson’s story in Nightwing 2. Jace Fox, the new wielder of the Bat mantle tracked Nightwing to his secret lair beneath Arkham Asylum, determined to work...

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