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Streaming Wars: No More MCU Content Gap!

It’s time for another episode of Streaming Wars! Each week our hosts Chelsea Schwartz and Yael Tygiel sit down to discuss the biggest and best titles headed to streaming.  With so many streaming services out there, it can be hard to keep track of what to watch. We’ll keep you in the loop as we […]

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Flora & Ulysses: Unexpected Superhero Fun (Review)

What’s your favorite superhero origin story? Did you say, “squirrel who gets sucked inside a vacuum cleaner, receives CPR from a 10-year-old, and suddenly gains superpowers?” No? Huh. The Flora-Ulysses dynamic duo might not be your first thought when you think of superheroes. But Flora & Ulysses on Disney+ is a movie the whole family […]

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Disney’s ‘Flora & Ulysses’ Is Full Of Geeky Easter Eggs

Disney’s Flora & Ulysses gives us a pretty unconventional superhero: a squirrel who gains powers after a run-in with a vacuum cleaner. (There’s an origin story you don’t hear every day.) And on top of taking an unexpected approach to the superhero genre, the movie is jam-packed with pop culture easter eggs. Here’s some to […]

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Watch A 10-Year-Old Team Up With A Super Squirrel in ‘Flora & Ulysses’

The next superhero flick coming to Disney+ isn’t what you think. It doesn’t feature a well-known Marvel hero. But it does feature a superpowered squirrel. In Flora & Ulysses, a girl rescues a squirrel only to discover he has extraordinary powers. Check out the trailer below. It may not be a MCU movie, but Disney […]