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Enjoy Your Coffee On The Dark Side With Mugs From Toynk

Do you like your coffee on the Dark or Light side? No matter what the answer is you will enjoy it even more with new Star Wars mugs by Silver Buffalo. These officially licensed mugs retail for $17.99 and are available only at and available now to order. Star Wars Mugs Kitchenware Collection at […]

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Did The Vintage Collection Death Star Space Station Get Leaked By Entertainment Earth?

If you are a fan of Hasbro’s The Vintage Collection line, you might want to take a look at this. In a post on Instagram a few days ago, Entertainment Earth showed some pictures of their finished LEGO Comic Con booth. Well, when you scroll through the two pictures in the post you get a […]

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Star Wars: 5 Reasons Why The Death Star Sucks

I know a whole bunch of you are going to be up in arms about this, but I stand my claims here: the Death Star sucks, and here are 5 reasons why. Bur first, let’s go over some stats. The 1st Death Star was a battle station built by the Galactic Empire as a superweapon […]

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How They Create The Iconic Sounds Of Star Wars

Creating the sounds of Star Wars Over the years the Star Wars franchise has produced some of the most recognizable sounds in cinema. There are few movie goers, even among those non-fans, that don’t immediately recognize the roar of the might Chewbacca. From the roar of TIE fighters, to laser blasts, to the trademark snap-hiss […]

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How Not To Get Eaten By Ewoks, And Other Star War Survival Tips

Have you ever wondered whether or not you’d survive in the galaxy far, far away? And no, Star Wars fans, we’re not talking about making it through the day at Disneyland’s Galaxy’s Edge. We’re talking full on, avoid attacking Ewoks, survival. Well, now, thanks to author Christian Blauvelt, there’s a handy guide to help you […]

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What the Re-Mastered Kenobi/Vader Lightsaber Duel Gets Right (and Maybe Wrong)

Unless you’re a Star Wars fan living under a rock, you’ve hopefully seen by now the masterful reimagining of the lightsaber duel between Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Vader from the original Star Wars. If you haven’t, we posted it for you yesterday. You can also see it in the embedded video below. The video shows […]

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Finding the Silly in STAR WARS: ‘Death Star Canteen’

This week the Star Wars fandom proved it still has a sense of humor. Many of you (thousands, actually) helped us play a little April Fool’s prank about Rian Johnson. That got us thinking. There is a lot of humor to be had when it comes to the Star Wars franchise. From quips and quotes […]