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Star Wars Feature Film Still Set For 2022

Perhaps predictably, Disney recently announced a slew of film delays and bumped release dates. Highly anticipated Marvel movies, like Black Widow, are all pushed back (Black Widow now won’t arrive until November). In one extreme case, Artemis Fowl won’t even make It to theaters at all; it’s going straight to Disney+. Noticeably absent from Disney’s […]

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Benioff & Weiss Have Nothing to Prove With Next STAR WARS Trilogy

Game of Thrones is now in the books. Its eighth and final season wrapped up this past Sunday. It didn’t do so without controversy, however. Many viewed the final season of the absurdly popular HBO series as its worst. Some even began a petition to remake the season. For that reason, and others, there are […]

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More Hints Darth Revan Returning to STAR WARS Canon

Since his introduction in the Knights of the Old Republic video games, Darth Revan has been and remains one of the most popular Star Wars characters ever. The former Jedi-turned-Sith’s popularity resulted in the character making his way into multiple novels and other Star Wars works over the years. Unfortunately, the powerful Sith lord was […]