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Batwoman Episode #205 Review: “Oh How The Tables Have Turned”

Commander Kane is playing a different game.  He’s working with Batwoman, well maybe not working with her, but he is not fighting against her.  The Crows and Commander Kane are searching for Safiyah but will they defeat darkness or become minions to the darkness?   Batwoman now has a voice altering mechanism and is still […]

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Batwoman Episode 204 Review: Gone But Not Forgotten

Candy, get your candy!  That’s what most of us think on Valentine’s Day. Gotham also had candy on the brain this week with a new villain-of-the-week.  While Ryan is hitting the streets to fight crime, she stumbles across a case that takes her and the viewers for a trip down memory lane.  Alice is still […]


Batwoman Episode 203: Hope or Hopeless – Review

It appears there is a new villain in Gotham and it is up to Batwoman to save the day in a new suit and wig!  Fresh off of deciding to fill in for Kate Kate in her absence, Ryan Wilder is still getting used to the Batsuit and the high combat nature of being Batwoman […]

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Batwoman Season 2, Episode 2 Review: New Tricks For The Same Show

Batwoman is missing and without a hero, Gotham City is in danger.  Meanwhile Ryan Wilder (Javicia Leslie) upon finding the Batsuit, must decide if she wants to take on the responsibilities of Batwoman, or run away.  In season two, episode two of The CW’s Batwoman, titled “Prior Criminal History”, we see team Batwoman, Commander Kane […]