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Avatar: The Last Airbender Now Unleashes “Oh, My Cabbages!” Board Game

Just when you thought Avatar: The Last Airbender board games couldn’t get any weirder, here comes Mr. Cabbage Merchant to prove you wrong! And with his signature catchphrase of “Oh, my cabbages!” to boot. Apparently, Hot Topic is now selling this Oh, My Cabbages! board game for mere $19.90. How to Destroy a Man’s Cabbages […]

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Avatar: The Last Airbender Now Has Board Game Called Uncle Iroh’s Dream

Can’t get enough of Avatar: The Last Airbender? Especially after the news of an upcoming tabletop RPG? Why not try out this Uncle Iroh’s Dream board game then? BoxLunch is selling Uncle Iroh’s Dream for the low, low price of $19.92. It’s actually a pretty reasonable price for a board game. Especially for an official […]

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Avatar: The Last Airbender Will Get a Tabletop RPG Soon-ish

Looks like someone decided that Avatar: The Last Airbender would make a good tabletop RPG game. Personally, I agree! Now all we have to do is wait…and wait… Magpie Games is responsible for developing this tabletop RPG version of Avatar: The Last Airbender to us. They haven’t actually started yet though. Magpie apparently plans to […]

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Avatar 2 New Production Photos Show Off Matador Warship Set

The sequel to the 2009 hit sci-fi Avatar film has been in production for a long, long while. Since 2017, really. Its name is a tentative Avatar 2. To keep the fans from forgetting about it altogether, James Cameron just Tweeted some cool photos from production. The Tweeted production photos depict a set from Avatar […]

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Watch the Unaired ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’ Pilot Free Now

Did you know Avatar: The Last Airbender originally started a little differently? Nickelodeon recently released the original unaired pilot on Twitch as part of The Last Airbender: Origins series. Some fans may have previously seen this version of the pilot on ATLA DVD special features. However, this is the first time the unaired episode has […]

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Avatar 2 Gears Up To Resume Production In New Zealand

At the time of this writing many countries remain under lock down from the coronavirus pandemic. A few however have successfully flattened the curve and are beginning to reopen their businesses. One of these is New Zealand, allowing Avatar 2 to resume production. Back To Work The COVID-19 pandemic has forced international business to go […]

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Michelle Yeoh To Star In STAR TREK DISCOVERY Spinoff & AVATAR Sequels

Recent casting news has confirmed that actress Michelle Yeoh will appear as Dr. Karina Mogue in James Cameron’s next two Avatar sequels. Originally envisioning a trilogy, Cameron has stated that his franchise will now be made up of 5 films. He came to the decision after much consideration and discussion with his cast and crew. […]