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Snowpiercer: “Keep Hope Alive” – Review

After last week’s very visceral episode of Snowpiercer we start off on Big Alice. Narration courtesy of Josie. This time going through the motions to get help for her frostbite all the while spying on the Doctor’s Headwood. Reporting back to Layton by using Pike’s smuggling operation as her cover. A Man And HIS Book […]

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Future State Dark Detective 4

This last week of Future State gives us Dark Detective 4. Bruce continues to attempt to unravel who the Magistrate is and how they came to power, but the Peacekeepers and their drones are hot on his tail. The race is on, but is it worth it? I am going to be honest. This issue […]

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Batwoman Episode #205 Review: “Oh How The Tables Have Turned”

Commander Kane is playing a different game.  He’s working with Batwoman, well maybe not working with her, but he is not fighting against her.  The Crows and Commander Kane are searching for Safiyah but will they defeat darkness or become minions to the darkness?   Batwoman now has a voice altering mechanism and is still […]

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The Star Wars Fandom: An Ugly History With Cancel Culture

[EDITORIAL] Cancel Culture in its most basic form is nothing new. Wikipedia gives a great definition of the phenomenon, defining it as a type “of ostracism in which someone is thrust out of social or professional circles – either online on social media, in the real world, or both.” Narrowing that definition, describes it […]

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Wrong Turn Reboot is the Right Choice for Terror

Alan B. McElroy reboots his own series for director Mike P. Nelson and the franchise is headed… in the right direction. (See what I did there?)

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Tribes Of Europa: A Game Of Cubes [REVIEW]

The Netflix Original, Tribes of Europa brings us a young adult, Dystopian Future with some sci-fi, and a splash of Game of Thrones. Philip Koch (Tatort) wrote and directed the series. It’s story goes like this, three siblings, Liv (Henriette Confurius), Kiano (Emilio Sakraya), and Elja (David Ali Rashed), who change the fate of the […]

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Servant Season 2 Episode 6: Welcome to the Jungle (Review)

M. Night Shyamalan’s dramatic thriller Servant continues its second season on Apple TV+ today with the sixth episode, “Espresso.” Check out our review below. (Note: this review contains spoilers! Jump down to the Bottom Line for the spoiler-free take.) At the end of the last episode, we saw the Turners’ attempts to meet a ransom […]

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Riverdale Episode 505: Home Sweet Home

It’s been seven years since the gang has seen each other.  They all have their own lives away from Riverdale.  Will they go back to their new lives, or will this blast to the past become permanent?  Can you ever truly get away from your past or does the past always catch up with you? […]

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Crossover Battles: AT-TE vs. Thunderjaw

In this episode of Crossover Battles, we’ll put two powerful mechs against each other to see which one will come out on top. Our two opponents today are the AT-TE from Star Wars, and the Thunderjaw from Horizon Zero Dawn. But before we begin this clash of mechanical titans, we need their stats first. Contestant […]

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More Evidence Yoda Failed The Jedi, The Galaxy, in Star Wars

Debate has raged for years with respect to which Star Wars character has the most tragic story. Even we weighed in with our list of the top five most tragic characters in the franchise. In hindsight, however, we might have been too quick to enumerate our choices. In making the determination, most fans (including us) […]