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Jupiter’s Legacy: From Comics To Screen (Teaser)

If you’ve ever wondered what the process looks like when a comic book gets adapted to screen, you’re in luck. Netflix is offering fans a peak at the transformation of Jupiter’s Legacy. The new teaser gives fans a first look at the series, and shows how Frank Quitely’s sketches come to life for streaming. Check […]

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Comic Rewind: Howard The Duck Vol. 0 : What The Duck

Story Synopsis: Howard The Duck Vol. 0 : What The Duck When Howard gets sucked into another dimension it is up to one duck to make a new life for himself in this week’s Comic Rewind, Howard The Duck Vol. 0: What The Duck. Howard was a duck, but not only that he was THE […]

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Franklin Supersize Figure Is A Must-have For Any Peanuts Fan

Introduced on July 31, 1968, and Created by Charles M.Schulz, Franklin was the first African American character in the Peanuts comic strip. Known for his philosophical chats and his acceptance of his friends for who they are, Franklin is that friend we could all use in our life. Well, thanks to Super7 we can now […]

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New Godzilla vs. Kong Comic Book Covers Unveiled by Legendary Comics

You know how Legendary Comics are going to release a whole bunch of new books to commemorate the release of the Godzilla vs. Kong movie on March 31, 2021? Well, it looks like they’ve decided to release the covers ahead of the actual books. You know, as a teaser. But for books. Just for further […]

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Super7: TMNT ReAction Figures Wave 3 Now Available

While you might not get them free if they are not delivered in 30-minutes or less, you will still want to check out wave 3 of The TMNT ReAction figures from Super7. This bodacious wave includes Surfer Mike, Samurai Leonardo, Damaged Foot Soldier, and Casey Jones. These figures retail for $18 each and are available […]

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BRZRKR #1: There Can Only Be One Keanu Reeves (Spoiler-Free Comic Book Review)

Keanu Reeves has his own comic book now in the form of BRZRKR from Boom! Studios. And he seems to be intent on mashing up a whole bunch of other films and even game plots in it. To be fair, while Keanu Reeves is the principle writer for BRZRKR, he isn’t the only person working […]

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Future State House of El 1

The final week of Future State gives us a new stand alone title, House of El 1. I was a bit skeptical when I began this 44 page story. Superman is a big enough character on his own, but to have an entire House of Superman seems rather implausible. How could any threat be big […]

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Future State Superman Vs Imperious Lex 2

In this final weeks of Future State, we get the conclusion of Lex Luthor vs the Man of Steel in Superman Vs Imperious Lex 2. The world must have breathed a sigh of relief when Lex Luthor left Earth. Lex controls his own planet now, called Lexor. He was happy. He and his robots pillaged […]

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Future State Aquaman 2

This week’s Future State titles brings up Aquaman 2. It’s amazing how much the persona and image of Aquaman has changed over the years. He used to be the most maligned and made fun of heroes in DC and all of comics. Today, thanks to some nice rewrites, reboots and Jason Mamoa, the Aquaman name […]

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Luke Skywalker: Stormtrooper Action Figure Cover Limited To 3000 Pieces

If you are a Star Wars comic collector like myself then you are probably familiar with the name John Tyler Christopher. If not you are missing out. John Tyler Christopher, also known as JTC is the artist responsible for the Marvel and Star Wars action figure comic covers. From Captain America to Boba Fett JTC […]