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Breaking Star Wars News: Ewan McGregor Reportedly Signs On To Reprise Role of Obi-Wan Kenobi

Breaking news in the world of Star Wars: Ewan McGregor has signed to reprise his role as Obi-Wan Kenobi. The likelihood is a Kenobi series for Disney’s streaming service, Disney+. According to Cinelinx, McGregor has signed on at the very least, a contract with LFL. There’s some speculation on whether there will be an announcement […]

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Running with the Dinos: Universal’s T-Rex Sized Run

Universal Studios Hollywood is hosting an unprecedented event this fall. The event called “Running Universal” is going to be a series of 1K, 5K, and 10K races throughout the Backlot and Citywalk. On November 16th and the 17th, people will be able to run with dinos in the Jurassic World Run. The 1K Kids’ Raptor […]


KENTA Joins Bullet Club at G1 Climax

The Bullet Club has it’s newest member. At the G1 Climax Finals, KENTA turned on his mentor Katsuyori Shibata. During a tag match between KENTA, YOSHI-HASHI, and Tomohiro Ishii, and Bad Luck Fale and the Guerillas of Destiny, KENTA showed his true colors. The former Hideo Itami in WWE, was reintroduced to the NJPW crowd […]

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WWE’s Best PPV of the Year: A Summerslam Review

Summerslam is usually the WWE pay-per-view that caters more to the hardcore wrestling fan. Wrestlemania is the show for the casual fan that likes nostalgia and big, story driven matches. This year’s Summerslam marks a new age for WWE. This is the age of competition. WWE has competition coming from All Elite Wrestling in the […]

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WWE NXT Moving to Fox Sports

It appears to be a done deal that WWE’s developmental program, NXT will be moving to Fox Sports 1. This comes off the heels of AEW signing a deal to do a weekly show on TNT. This is big news because it’s the first sign of competition that the WWE will be having against AEW […]

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What Marvel Superhero Could the Russo Bros. Be Doing Next?

In a Reddit AMA, Joe and Anthony Russo, directors of: Avengers: Endgame and Infinity War went through a variety of questions from fans. A fan asked if there would be a director’s cut of Endgame. The Russo Brothers even got a question about which scenes were the hardest to film for them. While the answer […]

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What Exactly is Carnival Row?

In the recent vein of many film and television properties, it seems that mixing genres or themes is working out the best for many studios. Carnival Row from Amazon Studios is no different. Marvel Studios has built their empire upon taking one theme or idea and mixing it with superheroes. Carnival Row stars Cara Delevingne […]

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Operation Apocalypse Z: Black Ops 4 Adds Content

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 has been out since last October. Treyarch continually adds new content to the game in addition to the Season Pass. The newest batch of content is an addition to the Operation Apocalypse event that started last month. Treyarch has their faults as a Call of Duty developer, but they […]

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All Elite Wrestling Announces 2nd and 3rd Show Locations

All Elite Wrestling, after announcing it’s debut show in Washington D.C., has announced the next two weeks of television. They’re going to be visiting Boston and Philadelphia while broadcasting on TNT. With Philadelphia being one of the biggest wrestling cities in the world, it should be a huge boon for AEW. This comes off the […]

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Madden 20: Does It Keep the Hype Train Rolling

EA’s long running football franchise, Madden NFL Football, finally reaches a happy medium with all of the various game modes and adds something that could signal a return of a fan favorite feature. The “X-Factor” player attribute system adds to the already stacked superstar players in the game. Madden 20 is this year’s latest iteration […]