The new Apple Original Movie, Fly Me To The Moon, puts a fun twist on history that’s sure to give the conspiracy theorists a field day. The film revolves around the 1960s Space Race between the United States and Russia. At this point in the film, the Space Race has been going on for a decade.

Americans are over their tax dollars being used to go to the moon. So, of course, the government isn’t sure what to do. That’s where Kelly (Scarlett Johansson) comes in. Kelly is a quick-witted scam artist turned Ad Saleswoman who is tasked with making Space Travel cool again. However, not everyone is on board including Cole Davis (Channing Tatum). Davis is the head of the Space Race Apollo missions at NASA. So, not only does Kelly have to win over the American people, but Davis and the other scientists and astronauts as well.

But that’s not all! Fly Me To The Moon doesn’t shy away from the conspiracy theory about the Moon Landing being faked. Instead, it keeps the audience guessing with tons of insider jokes, very if you know you know.


Although Fly Me To The Moon revolves around the Space Race, it is truly Johannson’s film. Her portrayal of the fast-talking and effortlessly charming character Kelly is spectacular. The chemistry she shares with Tatum is excellent and brings out a lovely performance from him.

Woody Harrelson delivers a standout performance as the government crony, Mo Burkes, in the film. Burkes is the mastermind behind the scheme to “Make Space Great Again” by staging a fake moon landing in a soundstage as a contingency plan. Harrelson and Johannson share an electrifying on-screen dynamic, constantly engaging in intense exchanges, regardless of whether they are allies or adversaries.

Despite its slightly lengthy runtime of just over 2 hours, I found Fly Me To The Moon to be an enjoyable experience overall. So, whether you’re a believer in the Moon Landing or not, it’s an adorable love story with an exciting premise that’s sure to keep your crazy uncle talking at holiday dinners for years to come.