Hey everybody, have you heard the news? Joe Bob is back in town. This week, us Mutants got a crash course in medical training. As Joe Bob and Darcy delved into a 1992 slasher; with notable medical themes for its kills (and many puns), the movie shown was Dr. Giggles.

If you’re unfamiliar, every second week on The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs. The former Monstervision host and his co-host Darcy The Mail Girl feature a movie; that sometimes has a timely theme (although, it’s not always necessary).

Getting Examined By Dr. Giggles

Dr. Giggles

Unfortunately, after two weeks of great guests, we are back to no guests on this week’s episode. Understandably, many of this movie’s cast have either passed away, have moved out of the Hollywood spotlight; or were complete unknowns that never really changed. Still, it’ll always be a bit disappointing when the show isn’t able to get a guest to discuss the movie. I was personally hoping they’d bring on Manny Coto; since he’s still very active in Horror and the industry at large.

The movie itself was OK, it’s certainly filled to the brim with witty puns and medical references; these kept things entertaining enough. However many of the kills were cut away; saved for the ending when the movie started to show off more of the kills.

The performances, as to be expected in a movie like this are all over the place. However, the clear standout was Larry Drake as Doctor Evan Rendell. Sure he’s chewing the scene a lot, but I’d expect nothing less from a movie like this.

All in all, this isn’t the most noteworthy or exciting movie shown on The Last Drive-In; but it’s certainly going to entertain enough that you won’t regret being seen by Dr. Giggles.

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