Astro Note Ep. 11 makes us think that this episode is going to be the final episode before a tearful goodbye. Granted, the plot might still turn out to be that kind of a plot. However, before that point, the story needs to have everything happen all at once, and right at the last moment to boot.

Astro Note Ep. 11: Details

Astro Note NA key visual.
And so the plot thickens for one last time, it seems.

Astro Note Ep. 11 is the 11th episode (you can read reviews of Ep. 1Ep. 2Ep. 3Ep. 4Ep. 5Ep. 6Ep. 7Ep. 8, Ep. 9, and Ep. 10 here) of this first and probably only(?) season of this anime series. Said anime is not the anime adaptation of any manga, funnily enough. This anime is its own original work created by Shochiku (Violet Evergarden: Eternity and the Auto Memory Doll) and studio Telecom Animation Film (Gargoyles (Hunter’s Moon Part 2, credited as TAF), Tower of GodShenmue the Animation). Crunchyroll is the company licensing this anime series in NA region.

Alas, whoever is behind Astro Note Ep. 11 is just as mysterious as all the previous episodes, with even the director for the first episode having their name removed from the publicly available records. Fortunately, we do still know that Shinji Takamatsu is the chief director of the anime as a whole, with Haruki Kasugamori as a co-director. Kimiko Ueno is the writer of the anime. Kōhei Munemoto composed the music for the same.

Speaking of which, the opening theme music for Astro Note as a whole is “Hohoemi Note” (ホホエミノオト, “Smile Note”) by Ai Furihata. Meanwhile, “Kokoro no Kagi” (ココロのカギ, “Key to the Heart”) by Maaya Uchida and Soma Saito (the Japanese voice actress and actor of Mira and Takumi, respectively) is the ending theme music.

Voice Cast

Astro Note Ep. 11 features the voices of Soma Saito as Takumi Miyasaki and Maaya Uchida as Mira Gotokuji. Other notable voice roles in this episode include Rie Kugimiya as Ren Wakabayashi, Tomokazu Sugita as Tomihiro Wakabayashi, Shin-ichiro Miki as Shokichi Yamashita, Ai Furihata as Teruko Matsubara, Junichi Suwabe as Naosuke, Jun Fukuyama as Shoin Ginger, and Yui Ogura as Aoi Uemachi.

When and Where to Watch

Astro Note Ep. 11 made its airing and streaming (aka. simulcast) debut on June 14, 2024. You can watch this episode only on Crunchyroll. Actually, you can watch this anime period only on Crunchyroll, due to the anime being an exclusive there.

Astro Note Ep. 11: Synopsis

Naosuke’s secret is out in this episode, but fortunately, everyone has bigger problems to worry about.

Alas, Astro Note is an ongoing anime series. In fact, Astro Note Ep. 11 only made its debut five days ago as of this writing. Thus, you will all get the official synopsis of this episode from Crunchyroll. instead of a spoiler-filled plot summary. You can read that synopsis below:

The gang finally finds a lead to the key! At the same time, it also means Mira’s departure is getting closer. How will Takumi and the other Astro Lodge residents react to the news?

Astro Note Ep. 11: The Good

Astro Note Ep. 11 screenshot showing Mira and Takumi finally kissing at long last.
Well, this took all season, but it’s worth it.

The story of Astro Note Ep. 11 is definitely the best part about it, and whoo boy, it’s quite the story. For much of that story, it’s a rather somber and melancholic affair after an initial action-packed beginning. Then suddenly, right at the last moment, the story yanks the rug out from under you, and turns the story into a science fiction thriller and…mecha anime? Yes, that’s right. There’s a giant robot in this anime. I won’t tell you how or why there’s a giant robot here. I will just tell you that a giant robot is in this very episode, and it makes quite the destructive appearance that’s a nice callback to ’80s and ’90s tokusatsu (ex: Power Rangers) anime. So destructive that it makes you wonder just what is the neighbors’ reactions to it.

Amazingly, the animation in this episode is also just as good as the story. Or perhaps not so amazingly when you think about it. This appears to be the second to last episode of the anime, and so Telecom Animation Film are pulling out all the stops for this episode. Most notably, the aforementioned giant robot is very well-animated. So much so that it looks like it came right out of a dedicated mecha anime like Mobile Suit Gundam. Heck, even the food in this episode is incredibly well-animated. The miso mackerel in this episode looks positively scrumptious. So much so that you hope that the food in the next (and likely final) episode will look just as delicious.

Astro Note Ep. 11: The Bad

Astro Note Ep. 11 screenshot showing a giant robot standing up amidst the city skyline.
You will never guess how this giant robot comes to be.

Admittedly, there is one complaint I have about Astro Note Ep. 11, and it’s about Shoin Ginger. I won’t reveal exactly what happened, but I will say that I feel like his storyline was handled…just a bit poorly. There was basically no foreshadowing as to the actions he took in this episode. Or at least, none that I could make out. It felt a bit like the story just pulls his actions out of thin air just to have a quick and handy way to resolve the love triangle problem. In fact, I would even say that his actions in this episode feel out of character for him. Maybe they’ll explain it in the next episode, so I’ll hold my final opinion until then.

Oh, and this episode is actually just in preparation for the action in the next episode. The action sequences here aren’t the high-intensity action that would satisfy an action junkie. At least, not for long. If you want that, then you might want to check out Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, Solo Leveling, and/or Kaiju No. 8.

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