UPDATE: FandomCon was previously announced for July 19-21. It has been rescheduled to November 8-10.

San Francisco Bay Area residents can experience a one-of-a-kind pop culture celebration this summer. Comic Con Radio, one of the top pop culture and fandom outlets in the world, just announced plans to bring FandomCon to the Bay Area for the first time.

FandomCon will take place at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center from November 8-10. The three-day celebration of pop culture will bring together collectors, celebrities, creators, artists, and fans for an unforgettable experience.

“The Bay Area is filled with some of the most talented and innovative people and they deserve a show that reflects their unique and creative nerd culture,” said Galaxy, host of Comic Con Radio’s flagship show and co-creator of FandomCon. “I’ve been frequenting Comic Cons for quite some time and I’ve always thought they’re not as fun as they could be. Once you go to a few shows, they begin to feel overly transactional. We want to change that and this is why we’ve made this show for all fandoms! We want people to come and have fun, check out cool comics, collectibles, and  trading cards while showing off their cool sneakers and cosplay to really truly celebrate their fandoms and pop culture passions while viewing the cool things on display from amazing artists and vendors.”

This particular FandomCon will bring the immersive elements of Comic Con, including special panels with talent, fandom vendors, a nostalgic arcade and a modern gaming area.

“FandomCon is for everyone, no matter what their fandom is. No matter what your favorite cosplay ensemble or favorite fan tee is, if you’re a lover of zombies, have a favorite comic book character, TV show, book, movie or passion, we hope everyone in the Bay Area who wants to celebrate their fandom will come out and show it,” Galaxy continued. “The beauty of our show is there will be a celebration of all fandoms under one roof. We want people to show up, have fun and just be themselves. Whatever it is, we’ve made a way to celebrate everyone’s fandoms easily by bringing one of the most unique Cons to ever come to the Bay Area.”

Basic single-day passes for FandomCon begin at $25. Passes range up to $195 for a 3-day “Superfan” pass, which includes a complimentary photo and autograph with a FandomCon special guest, reserved seating at the Main Stage, and more. 

See pass details, buy tickets, and learn more about the event at fandomcon.com.

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