Atlas is the newest entry into the ever-growing catalog of sci-fi films on Netflix. This time around, the film stars Jennifer Lopez, as the titular Atlas Shepard. A brilliant data analyst with a deep distrust of artificial intelligence (AI). The new film debuts on Netflix on May 24, just in time for Memorial Day weekend and the start of Summer. Atlas will not be the best sci-fi film this summer, but it has enough positives to make it worth a watch. Keep reading for my full review and check out the trailer.


Within the first few minutes, the film emphasizes Atlas’s intense dislike for AI, setting the stage for her character arc. This aversion, though sometimes frustratingly stubborn, serves a purpose: it makes the eventual bond between Atlas and Smith all the more rewarding. Despite Atlas’s high intelligence, her refusal to utilize AI help leads to moments that might make you want to yell at the screen. However, this tension enhances the payoff as their relationship evolves.

By the second act, the movie hits its stride, and the dynamic between Atlas and Smith becomes genuinely enjoyable. Their banter is witty, earning a few genuine laughs along the way. While the progression of their relationship is somewhat predictable, it remains engaging and endearing. By the film’s climax, you’ll find yourself rooting for this duo.



Atlas is undeniably a showcase for Jennifer Lopez, who dominates the screen time. At its core, the film is J.Lo in a mechsuit, trying to survive against the odds. The film provides plenty of thrilling sci-fi action scenes, with Lopez at the center of it all. However, this focus comes at the expense of the rest of the cast, who receive little screen time to develop their characters. Lopez does an admirable job as the titular counterterrorist analyst, portraying a “fish out of water” trying to survive in an unfamiliar and perilous situation. She delivers a committed performance throughout, guiding the audience through Atlas’s growth and transformation. Jumping from emotional moments to humor to intense action, Lopez’s performance is one of the film’s few highlights.

With talents like Sterling K. Brown, Mark Strong, and Simu Liu, it’s disappointing that their roles are so underdeveloped. Liu, in particular, plays the AI terrorist Harlan, who is introduced as the greatest threat to humanity. Despite this, his character is given minimal backstory, primarily through a few brief flashbacks, making it hard to see him as the formidable villain he’s supposed to be.

Brown and Strong do their best with the limited time they have, but their characters are so sparingly involved that they barely leave much of an impression. It’s a missed opportunity to fully utilize such a talented ensemble, leaving viewers wanting more depth and interaction from these key players. Brown’s character, Colonel Banks, especially feels like there was a lot of potential there to explore. But with ultimately only a fraction of screentime, that potential is never remotely realized.


AI vs. Humanity movies are nothing new, but as AI becomes a significant cultural topic, these films resonate even more. While some movies, like The Creator, bring fresh perspectives to the table, Atlas feels more superficial. However, as a summer sci-fi action film to stream at home, you could do worse than Atlas. Lopez does her best to carry the film with her performance and for the most part succeeds in that task. However, the overall plot of the film falls a bit flat and feels predictable.

The film, unsurprisingly, relies heavily on VFX and green screens, but it never feels jarring. In fact, for a streaming release, the visuals are quite impressive. Some of the best moments of the film are the action sequences. If you’re looking for an entertaining sci-fi film to stream at home this summer, Atlas is a decent choice



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