The new season Pretty Little Liars: Summer School premiered with two exciting episodes. Coming off of episode 1, we learn that Archie has been convicted and given the death penalty. The girls learn about Bloody Rose Waters from a new website, Spooky Spaghetti. On top of that, the girls must make up for their failing grades by attending summer school. Oh, did I mention we saw Bloody Rose Waters murder two people in her cabin? Yeah. The show just started.


The episode begins with Imogen having dreams of Bloody Rose Waters. Are these actually dreams or hallucinates? At this point, we’re not sure. Imogen then stares at all the pills she’s supposed to be taking but isn’t.  At summer school, Imogen learns she’s separated from her friends and thrown into the over-flow classroom of misfits. When looking in her desk she finds one single rose. What does this mean?

Over in the other classroom, a blonde girl who turns out to be one of Noa’s friends from Juvy, Jen, walks in. There is so much chemistry there it’s insane. Obviously, this was her girlfriend while there. At the end of the last episode, the girls also decided to stick to group therapy and solo therapy with Dr. Sullivan. Today’s group therapy is a discussion about being separated in summer school. They’re obviously upset by this, especially Imogen. So, Dr. Sullivan suggests that they reframe their mindset. Focus more on their summer experience and summer school.


Pretty Little Liars: Summer School (202)

Imogen stays late to talk with the therapist about her medication. She shares that she’s been hallucinating. She’s worried because her mother suffered from depression and anxiety and now she’s worried about ending up like her. Dr. Sullivan tells her that the best way to prepare is to know all the medications her mother was taking. So, Imogen goes to see her father. While there he offers her a place to stay so that she can reset. While she does consider it, ultimately she turns him down. On her way out, Imogen stops at Rocky’s Diner. Shockingly, she applies for a job and some reason doesn’t give her real name. Instead, she calls herself Leigh Able.

When the girls learn about her new job they come to visit. However, it doesn’t go as planned. They find out about the name change and think it’s odd she’s choosing to work somewhere so far away from home. Imogen shares that she likes being away from town where no one knows her. She can pretend to be someone else, and turn her brain off. They all understand but don’t agree. That night, Imogen is waiting on the bus to come pick her up. This is a perfect trigger for her hallucinations. While sitting and waiting she sees Bloody Rose Waters across the street in a field walking towards her. Is it real? 


Pretty Little Liars: Summer School (202)

Creeper Wes has hired a new boy, Christian from NY, to work at the theater for the summer. Of course, Tabitha has to train him, but she’s not happy about it. However, while talking with Christian she learns that also loves horror movies, he does special FX, makes masks, etc. Of course, she pretends to not be interested in horror films or him, but can’t help but stalk his Instagram. Then, Imogen accidentally likes one of the photos from 30 months ago! It’s the ultimate embarrassment.

The next day, Tabitha walks in on Wes and Christian talking about horror movies and getting everything wrong. At this point, she can’t keep her mouth shut. I loved seeing Tabitha school them! As women, we’re constantly challenged and questioned about fandoms that are “owned” by men. We’re always asked to prove that we’re fans and it’s annoying. So, this scene was incredibly validating. Tabitha eventually opens up to Christian about her horror movie telling him she never showed it anywhere. He has the brilliant idea to have a premiere at the theater with just her friends.

Pretty Little Liars: Summer School (202)

Faran is having a huge transition this season. She is quitting dance and gets hired as a lifeguard at the community pool for the summer. She’s there with all the guys from school we know Greg, Shawn, and Ash. Of course, all but Ash are jerks to her, especially Greg. When she shares this with her boyfriend, Henry, he gets overprotective wanting to shut it down, but Faran can handle it herself.

The next day, when Faran is looking in her gym back she also finds a single red rose inside. I smell a calling card, people! When she goes back out to the pool, Henry has arrived trying to protect her from Greg. This causes a huge scene which she quickly shuts down, but not before her manager sees and pulls her aside. However, in a surprising turn of events she is given the spot of Captain!

While she just got great news, she still scolds Henry in the car. This moment is hilarious and necessary. He’s floundering since choosing not to go dance. So, she offers to get him a job at the pool, but he doesn’t know how to swim. He shares that Kelly texted him about the church performance needing more guys. So, he might do that.


Noa is catching up with Jen about her life after Juvy. Noa even shares about the massacre that happened with her and her friends. Jen then asks about Shawn, whom Noa was dating while inside. Noa lets Jen know they’re still together. She then confesses to Shawn that she lied about her mother being out of rehab. Later, she finds a Rose in her locker. Noa doesn’t know who it’s from, but we know it’s not Shawn or Jen.

Needing a job, Jen shows up at the pizza place where Noa works and applies for a job. At first, Noa is a little weird about it, but in the end is fine with it. She even introduces Jen to Shawn when he comes in to get his pizzas. Then later that night, we get a flashback to Noa and Jen in Juvy together. Yes, our hunch was right. They were together while inside.

Jumping over to Kelly, Greg is not having it at this church. He thinks it’s crazy and is mad they’re no longer having sex throwing a huge tantrum. On the flip side, Kelly is excited to have a chance to perform with Redemption House! She is hoping she and Greg are the romantic leads. To her disappointment, Kelly gets cast as the Virgin Mary, and Greg is cast with the slutty girl at church, Sandy. While at a makeout spot, Kelly confronts Gret about Sandy asking if they’re sleeping together. His answer was, “NOT YET!” So, Kelly tries to find a compromise by offering other things instead of sex. 


Pretty Little Liars: Summer School (202)

Mouse’s moms are going on a cruise. So, her Lola is going to be staying with her. When using Mouse’s computer, Lola comes across the Spooky Spaghetti website. Mouse sees the faces of the two kids who have gone missing (and were murdered in the house in the woods). So, she tells the girl about the new information. 

That night, she wakes up to her grandmother screaming! She and Ash come running. It turns out that Lola saw a woman outside looking into the house. Her face was covered with bloody bandages. Was it Bloody Rose Waters? The next morning everything seems to be fine. Lola doesn’t remember anything, not even meeting Ash. She says she was sleepwalking. Mouse…get out of that house now! I think Lola either has dementia or sundowns. Either way, it’s not great.


On their next day of Summer School, the girl asked Imogen how she was doing cause they didn’t see her this morning. She then forces her way into their classroom and goes off on the teacher. The girls snatch her from the classroom to the bathroom to figure out WTF is going on. She confesses that she’s having hallucinations and that she’s cracking. She also tells them about seeing Bloody Rose Waters before getting on the bus. Tabitha can’t let go of what Imogen said to them at the diner about saying that she doesn’t want to be herself. Imogen shared that she wanted to do it because things were different for a couple of hours. Her life is different, but also understands it’s not healthy. 

Back in therapy, Dr. Sullivan discusses Traumatic Grief. I appreciate that Pretty Little Liars: Summer School is touching on some serious topics this season. A lot of shows like this either ignore them completely or gloss over it. This series isn’t ignoring the trauma they’re causing their characters. In the end, Dr. Sullivan gets Imogen in the same class as her friends.


Pretty Little Liars: Summer School (202)

This movie premiere was so cute. I was sure horrible things were going to happen, but they didn’t. I also love how they all dressed up for it! When the movie is over, Christian tells Tabitha how much he loves it. Then the girls awkwardly make excuses to leave – like good friends — and ask Christian if he’ll walk Tabitha home. Tabitha’s the next one to find a rose. At first, she thinks it’s from Christian, but he doesn’t react to her finding it. So she’s unsure. On their walk home, Christian asks her questions about her movie, Fake Blood, and her favorite bad movie! While talking Tabitha gets a call from an unknown caller and ignores it. 

Deciding to quit the diner and be herself, Imogen goes to the ice cream shop and asks for an application. She also gets a call from an Unknown Number and ignores it. She’s too busy flirting with the cute boy, Johnny played by Antonio Cipriano (National Treasure: Edge of History)!

If you remember, we left Greg and Kelly hooking up in the car, but not before he texted Sandy he was not coming to meet her. As she’s angrily walking back to her car she gets murdered by Bloody Rose Waters. Then we also see Faran, Noa, and Mouse get calls from an unknown caller and all ignore them. However, Bloody Rose Waters refuses to be ignored and requests a video chat with Mouse. Of course, she accepts that.

“What do you want?” Save your breath. You’ll need it!