The Winchester Mystery House puts on a ton of fantastic special offerings and tours. Previously the Paranormal Investigation, Holiday Candlelight Tours, the Unhinged Housewarming, and so many more! Now, they are bringing back a fan favorite, the Explore More Tour!

Winchester Mystery House has announced they are reintroducing the Explore More Tour! This fan-favorite tour offers Guests a Deeper Dive into the Mansion’s Fascinating History and Intriguing Architecture. The return begins on May 25, 2024. This Tour Will Grant Visitors Exclusive Access to Previously Unseen Areas of the House, Enhancing Their Experience with New Discoveries.

As visitors immerse themselves in the 36-year construction saga, they will observe the transformation of Winchester Mystery House from its modest origins to its renowned stature today. Each stage of the journey, from Sarah Winchester’s inaugural trip to San Jose to the contemporary era, reveals a fresh facet of the mansion’s intricate historical narrative. However, the most thrilling aspect lies in the unexplored territories and viewpoints awaiting discovery. Featuring novel architectural features and compelling anecdotes, Explore More guarantees an unprecedented insight into the Winchester Mystery House narrative.

Also, remember there are only a few more days to take advantage of the limited release of Flashlight Tours! They are only on Friday’s and Saturdays until May 4th!

If yo’ure still looking for Mother’s Day Plans, you can celebrate by indulging your loved one in a charming brunch affair at Winchester Mystery House. Delve into the opulent history and sophisticated atmosphere of the mansion! You can relish in exquisite cuisine, relish live musical performances, and partake in an engaging tour.

Tickets for the Explore More Tour are available at