If I asked you to list the components of a crime thriller series, I’d expect to hear certain things. Dark lighting, red herrings, morally gray detectives who say things like “you can’t handle the truth!” However, what I would not expect you to say is “puppets”. Nevertheless, here we are. Get ready for the new Netflix series Eric

Set in 1980s New York, Eric is an emotional thriller following a father’s desperate search for his nine-year-old son. Vincent, one of New York’s leading puppeteers and creator of the hugely popular children’s television show, ‘Good Day Sunshine,’ struggles to cope with the loss of his son, Edgar, becoming increasingly distressed and volatile. Full of self-loathing and guilt around Edgar’s disappearance, he clings to his son’s drawings of a blue monster puppet, ERIC. Vincent is convinced that if he can get ERIC on TV then Edgar will come home. As Vincent’s progressively destructive behavior alienates his family, his work colleagues, and the detectives trying to help him, it’s Eric, a delusion of necessity, who becomes his only ally in the pursuit to bring his son home.

The limited series comes from creator/writer Abi Morgan.

Eric is a deep dive into the 1980’s big apple, grappling with rising crime rates, internal corruption, endemic racism, a forgotten underclass and the AIDS epidemic, exposing the divisions rife between parents searching for their child, a detective battling with a system that is broken, and a lost boy who may never come home, and asks where the real monsters lie. With puppets…lots of puppets,” Morgan said.

The series stars Benedict Cumberbatch, Gaby Hoffmann, McKinley Belcher III, Dan Fogler, and Clarke Peters. Lucy Forbes directs.

Eric premieres on Netflix May 30. Until then, check back to THS for more updates.

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