We spoke to co-creator Austin Winsberg & executive producer Sam Laybourne about how Acapulco maintains its message of following dreams and finding joy despite struggles and challenges. They told us about their pre-season planning process and making sure it’s not about favoring some characters; rather it’s about maximizing impact within a limited timeframe.

In season 3 of Acapulco, which returns May 1st to Apple TV+, Eugenio Derbez and Enrique Arrizon reprise their roles as Máximo, navigating present and past. The older Máximo grapples with a changed Las Colinas, while his younger self juggles career advancement with relationships. Acapulco stays heartwarming with funny guest stars like Jaime Camil (Jane the Virgin)!

Interview with Acapulco Co-creator Austin Winsberg & Executive Producer Sam Laybourne

How the Acapulco creative team succeeds in creating a show full of inspiration and joy

Acapulco delivers a powerful message about pursuing your dreams and finding joy amidst the challenges. The show consistently ensures this message remains central as the characters and plot develop. Executive Producer Laybourne points to the show’s unique storytelling device. Acapulco‘s Season 3 blends heartwarming nostalgia with Maximo’s dream journey, all through his older eyes. This is further amplified in season 3, where the characters’ aspirations are delved into beyond their initial comedic roles. Acapulco‘s rich characters show chasing dreams isn’t one-size-fits-all.

“I would say one of the great things about the show is that we see Maximo as an older gentleman, played by obviously Eugenio Derbez, and he’s looking back on his life. We know certain things have played out in a certain way, but how he got there is the whole mystery of the show. So there’s always opportunities for us to both keep the show incredibly warm and, the spirit of the show, which is about going after your dreams and trying to make it. But also all the characters, this theme resonates with all of them. We’re seeing how Lupe has dreams of her own. We’re seeing how Lorena had dreams of her own, and Chad and Hector.

And as the show continues, we’re so lucky to get a season three because we’re able to really start to develop two-dimensional lives. Some of the characters who in the first season are really funny, amazing characters who we don’t get a ton of. When the show continues for a while, you can start to go down all those paths. So we’re following several dreams now.”

– Sam Laybourne
Acapulco Co-creator Austin Winsberg & Executive Producer Sam Laybourne
Acapulco Co-creator Austin Winsberg & Executive Producer Sam Laybourne

Family and Community at the Core of Acapulco

Co-creator Winsberg says that the show is about family and community. Even though the characters may make mistakes, they all have good intentions and care about others. This is what makes the show enjoyable. One of the things I love about the show is how well-developed every character feels. Leading into the third season, you really begin to understand the backstory of each character. The show doesn’t just use characters as plot devices. The characters feel relatable and all have their own motivations for their actions.

“The show is about family and community in a lot of ways. I think that at its core, every character starting with young Maximo, are people who are trying to do good, are people who have a lot of heart and empathy. And I think that a lot of the joy that’s inherent in the show lives there, no matter what, because of how all these characters view the world.”

– Austin Winsberg

Dive into Acapulco and discover a show brimming with laughter, warmth, and outstanding performances. Season 3 premieres May 1st with new episodes every Wednesday until June 26th on Apple TV+.

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