My Hero Academia season 7 will soon be the latest season of this hit superhero anime. The superhero anime is the anime adaptation of the manga of the same name by Kohei Horikoshi, I might add. How do I know that you might ask? Well, because Crunchyroll is very eager to remind us that the season will soon be making its premiere. Don’t believe me? Then why not check out their YouTube trailer below, and see for yourself just how long it will take before you can check out this latest season of the anime?

My Hero Academia Season 7: Reminder Details

Hard to beat that kind of epic reminder.

Crunchyroll is here to remind us that My Hero Academia season 7 will soon make its debut solely on its streaming platform. After all, they’re the ones licensing it. Thus, it’s not much of a surprise that they would make this latest anime season a Crunchyroll exclusive. Fortunately, they will release it onto other streaming services like Hulu and Netflix after some time, so if you’re patient and don’t have a Crunchyroll subscription, then all you have to do is wait.

If you’re not patient, then here’s the actual reminder. My Hero Academia season 7 will make its grand debut on Saturday, May 4 at 2:30 AM PT: a date which Star Wars fans would be most familiar with. You can watch this latest season only on Crunchyroll. If you haven’t caught up with that season or haven’t even begun watching the anime yet, then you can watch all the previous seasons there too.

Bonus: Synopsis

Want an idea of what My Hero Academia season 7 is? Well, don’t worry about that. Crunchyroll has an official synopsis to help you out with that. You can check it out below:

Society has crumbled, along with its faith in heroes, with the all-out battle causing great damage. With the heroes defeated, Shigaraki, All For One, and others plot their takeover. As the final battle draws near, Deku, along with his U.A. classmates and other heroes, including one from America, come together to face this onslaught. Will it be enough to restore peace?