We sat down with Enrique Arrizon, star of Apple TV+’s critically acclaimed series Acapulco, to discuss his favorite scenes to film, the biggest thrill of playing young Máximo, and his experience working with newcomer Jaime Camil.

In season 3 of Acapulco, older Máximo wrestles with a transformed Las Colinas, younger Máximo navigates the challenges of success and relationships. The returning cast welcomes guest stars Jaime Camil, known for his comedic brilliance in Jane the Virgin, and Cristo Fernandez from Ted Lasso. Inspired by the film How to Be a Latin Lover, Acapulco remains one of television’s most heartwarming shows. Season 3 promises even more laughs and entertainment with the arrival of the hilarious Jaime Camil. His signature comedic style perfectly complements the show’s existing energy. Don’t miss out on this delightful series!

Interview with Enrique Arrizon

On the most interesting thing about Máximo’s Journey

Arrizon describes the many challenges Máximo has faced since season one, highlighting his significant personal growth. He particularly enjoys scenes where Máximo asserts himself, proving his capabilities to colleagues and setting boundaries. Arrizon finds Máximo’s struggle to balance ambition with authenticity to be the character’s most intriguing quality. He credits the show’s talented writers for crafting compelling storylines.

“The question is, how is he going to balance everything while staying true to himself? It’s so fun to read and to act. When Máximo’s in trouble, I love his journey, his evolution. And I think that’s because we have amazing writers who always come up with great stories. So, I’m glad to do it for the third time.”

– Enrique Arrizon
Enrique Arrizon in “Acapulco,” premiering May 1, 2024 on Apple TV+.

Arrizon embodies Máximo, capturing both his charm and inner struggles across each season. Arrizon masterfully portrays this complex character – the brother, son, boyfriend, and friend everyone wants. Yet, he also reveals how easily a misstep can threaten Máximo’s future. He’s the relatable young man we root for, the friend we confide in and unwind with – the undeniable heart and soul of the show.

Enrique Arrizon on working with Jaime Camil

Season 3 shines even brighter with the addition of stars like Jaime Camil. Camil effortlessly embodies the 1980s vibe and sparks fantastic chemistry with Jessica Collins’ fierce and empowered “Diane Davies.” He’s not just a scene-stealer, though; Camil’s character also serves as a valuable moral compass for Maximo. Whether that moral compass points north or south is something audiences will discover by the end of the season.

Jaime Camil in “Acapulco,” premiering May 1, 2024 on Apple TV+.

At first, I worried that adding stars like Camil and Fernandez would push the fantastic supporting cast to the sidelines. Fortunately, season three excels at developing existing characters’ lives and journeys while seamlessly introducing a wealth of new ones. When asked what it was like working with Camil, Arrison had only good things to say.

“Jaime Camil. He’s a great man. He’s very polite and kind, and he’s very funny. He is the type of actor who loves to play and loves to propose, to give that extra and to add his own touch. So for sure, the audience will love our scenes together because I feel that we have good chemistry.”

– Enrique Arrizon

Acapulco returns to Apple TV+ on May 1st.

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