If you familiar with the Bible, then the title The King of Kings might ring a bell for you. Alas though, this upcoming animated film from Mofac Animation isn’t about Jesus Christ. Not entirely, at any rate. Okay, to be fair, the story is about him, but also not about him. What do I mean by that, you might ask? Well, all you have to do is look at the main cast and who they’re playing to see what I mean. Don’t believe me? Then read on below:

The King of Kings: Casting Details

Well, at least it seems to have decent animation quality.

Mofac Animation is proud to announce casting details for their upcoming animated family film The King of Kings. In particular, they have the voice actors for the three lead roles. Give it up for:

Kenneth Branagh as Charles Dickens

Kenneth Branagh photo.

Uma Thurman as Catherine Dickens

Uma Thurman photo.

Roman Griffin Davis as Walter Dickens

Roman Griffin Davis photo.

Yeah, you might notice that none of the main cast has absolutely nothing to do with Jesus Christ himself. Apparently, this is because this entire animated film is based off of a very little-known short story titled “The King of Kings”. Who by? Well, the author would be the world-famous Charles Dickens. In fact, this whole film isn’t really about Jesus Christ, but about Charles Dickens and his family. It’s just that the backdrop of this story is via Mr. Christ and his story. Even the synopsis from Mofac Animation on the film’s official website clarifies that point, sort of. You can check it out below:

Renowned storyteller Charles Dickens finds it challenging to bond with his imaginative son, Walter, amidst his busy career. After Walter disrupts one of Dickens’ readings, Dickens decides to share the story of Jesus Christ with him, hoping to bridge the gap between them. As Dickens narrates the story, Walter becomes captivated, experiencing the events of Jesus’ life vividly Through the journey of Jesus, Walter and Dickens’ ‘relationship deepens, culminating in a bond of love forged through storytelling.