After an awesome week in Sin City, CinemaCon 2024 has almost come to an end. But the festivities can’t wrap up without one more massive studio presentation from Walt Disney Pictures. The House of Mouse brought some of their most highly anticipated releases from across the company such as Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes, Pixar’s Inside Out 2, Alien Romulus, and Moana 2 to The Colosseum at Caesars Palace. However, superhero fans are probably most excited to hear the latest news from Marvel Studios and Disney surely delivered, starting with a short clip of Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman from Deadpool & Wolverine.

As best buds Wade Wilson and Logan walk side by side and name-dropping the upcoming crossover event Secret Wars, they are interrupted by a phone ringing. Despite looking incredible in his iconic yellow and blue uniform, this sets off Wolverine, who starts cursing up a storm while telling the audience to turn their phones off. An amused Deadpool finally chimes in to say that the tirade aroused him (albeit with more colorful language, in typical Deadpool fashion) and praises his companion’s fourth wall break.

Thunderbolts title card revealed by Marvel at CinemaCon

Later on in the presentation, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige took the stage to discuss some upcoming attractions. He revealed that Fantastic Four enters production in a few months and will be shot in IMAX. Then, he shares that the official title of Thunderbolts starring Florence Pugh, Sebastian Stan, Hannah John-Kamen, Wyatt Russell, David Harbour, and Olga Kurylenko is actually called Thunderbolts*. Although, he mentions that the asterisk will not be explained until after the film premieres. 

Captain America: Brave New World (February 14, 2025)

Spinning out of the events of Falcon and the Winter Soldier on Disney+, Sam Wilson is finally stepping into his own as the Star-Spangled Man when Anthony Mackie returns to theaters in Captain America: Brave New World. The Phase Five film directed by Julius Onah has also gone through its fair share of changes over the course of its development, but now the film is nearly ready for True Believers. 

Mackie joined Feige on the CinemaCon stage to show off a clip from the movie. Sam Wilson enters an office to see President Thunderbolt Ross (played by Harrison Ford after the death of William Hurt) about reforming the Avengers. Things escalate and Ross proclaims, “This is politics. You’re not Steve Rogers.” Wilson responds with “You’re right. I’m not.”

Anthony Mackie on stage at CinemaCon for Marvel's Captain America Brave New World

Deadpool & Wolverine (July 26, 2024)

After facing a few delays thanks to the sale of 20th Century Fox and the most recent Hollywood strikes, the Merc With A Mouth is finally returning to the silver screen. Ryan Reynolds returns as Deadpool for a third solo feature film, except this time he’s finally joined by Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine for some R-rated shenanigans. 

Deadpool & Wolverine will be released in summer 2024 as part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Phase Five. But before it hits theaters, Feige and filmmaker Shawn Levy teased a bit of what’s to come with a nine-minute clip.

Wade Wilson works at a used car lot called Drivemax with Rob Delaney’s Peter. They go to a surprise party for Wade where a number of familiar faces show up like Negasonic Teenage Warhead, Colossus, and Vanessa, the latter of whom has broken up with Wade and is currently seeing someone else. As Wilson blows out the candles on his cake, the Time Variance Authority shows up. 

From there, the birthday boy ends up in a room with Mr. Paradox. After he explains who he is, he leads Wilson through the familiar halls of the TVA as seen in Loki on Disney+. On the various screens, Wade sees different versions of his past, present, and future featuring some familiar heroes. One features Captain America. Another shows Thor, but he’s crying over Deadpool’s dead body. Once it hits him, Wade declares that he’s “Marvel Jesus” and says, “Suck it, Fox! I’m going to Disneyland. Get f****d!”

Later, as Deadpool and Wolverine suit up, Wade continuously gets his ass slapped as each piece of gear is put on. When he sees Logan’s suit and questions it, he says, “Friends don’t let friends look like the LA Rams.”

Finally, the footage wraps up with a sizzle reel that shows off more glimpses at what’s to come, including a quick shot of Dogpool (yes, a dog in a Deadpool costume).    

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