CinemaCon 2024 wrapped up with a major presentation from Walt Disney and 20th Century Studios.

Disney kicked things off with a cheeky message from Wolverine, who told audiences “Hey bub, you’re in a movie theater, so put the phone on silent!” (But with a few colorful bleeps thrown in.) The presentation transitioned into a sizzle reel for Disney and 20th Century’s upcoming features, including brief clips from Mufasa, Moana 2, Alien, Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes, Snow White, and Captain America 4.

Next, Co-Chairman of Entertainment Alan Bergman took the stage to share a timeline of Disney’s film slate for 2024. Releases include Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes (May 10), Young Woman and the Sea (May 31), Inside Out 2 (June 14), Kinds of Kindness (June 21), Deadpool & Wolverine (July 26), Alien: Romulus (August 16), A Real Pain (October 18), Moana 2 (November 27), and Mufasa (December 20). Though nearly all CinemaCon events forbid photography, Disney did allow pictures during their presentation. So, you can check out the visual timeline for yourself below.

Walt Disney Studios 2024 theatrical release timeline, as displayed at CinemaCon 2024

Tony Chambers, EVP of Theatrical Distribution, revealed that CinemaCon attendees would be treated to 75 minutes of content during the presentation from various upcoming films.

Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes (May 10)

Noa (voiced by Owen Teague) in 20th Century Studios' KINGDOM OF THE PLANET OF THE APES.

The first footage revealed came from Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes. The 13-minute sequence played at CinemaCon showcased beautiful footage of old buildings, overgrown with trees and greenery, as a group of young apes hunt. We see the apes find eagle nests and pick eggs to raise. Then, there’s an attack on the village, leaving only Noa alive.

Set many years after the reign of Caesar, Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes follows a young ape on a journey that will lead him to question everything he’s been taught about the past and make choices that will define a future for apes and humans alike. The film premieres in theaters May 10. While you wait, learn more about the film from our interview with director Wes Ball.

Young Woman and the Sea (May 31)

After Apes, Disney moved on to their next 2024 release, Young Woman and the Sea. The film stars Daisy Ridley and tells the true story of Trudy Ederle, who became the first woman to ever swim across the English Channel in 1926. A message from producer Jerry Bruckheimer introduced the film’s trailer. (You can watch it online now.) Bruckheimer described the movie as the highest testing film of his career – high praise for someone who’s filmography includes features like Pirates of the Caribbean and Top Gun: Maverick.

Young Woman and the Sea premieres in theaters May 31.

Inside Out 2 (June 14)

Inside Out 2

Continuing to move sequentially through their 2024 releases, Disney next spotlighted Inside Out 2. The sequel to the 2015 Pixar flick sees Riley enter her teen years and grapple with new emotions (Anxiety, Envy, Ennui, and Embarrassment).

Amy Poehler, who voices Joy in the original Pixar feature and in the upcoming sequel, came out to introduce the film. CinemaCon guests got quite a look at this one; Disney played the first 35 minutes of the film! We thought the new emotions were adorable, particularly Nostalgia and Embarrassment. Also (mild spoilers!) Anxiety is pretty much Riley’s main emotion now. Which, when you think about your preteen years, sounds about right, huh?

Amy Poehler on stage at CinemaCon 2024 during the Disney Studio presentation to introduce 'Inside Out 2'

Inside Out 2 premieres in theaters June 14.

Marvel Updates – Fantastic Four & Thunderbolts

Following its look at Pixar, Disney brought out Kevin Feige to talk all things Marvel. He started by revealing plans to show the upcoming films The Fantastic 4 and Thunderbolts in IMAX theaters. You can see official title cards for the films displayed during the presentation below.

Feige also shared a brief clip from Florence Pugh (Yelena) on the set of Thunderbolts.

Thunderbolts will premiere May 5, 2025, with The Fantastic 4 arriving shortly afterwards on July 25, 2025.

Marvel Updates – Captain America: Brave New World (February 14, 2025)

Coming up after Thunderbolts and The Fantastic 4, Feige gave CinemaCon a look at the next fourth Captain America film. Captain America: Brave New World (formerly subtitled New World Order) picks up after the Marvel Disney+ series Falcon and Winter Soldier, which officially saw Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie) take up the Captain American moniker.

Anthony Mackie on stage at CinemaCon for Captain America: Brave New World

Star Anthony Mackie joined Feige on stage to introduce footage from the film. CinemaCon saw a 10 minute clip, which featured Wilson and Ford, with Ford asking to remake the Avengers.

Marvel Updates – Deadpool & Wolverine (July 26)

After that, Disney moved on to one of the year’s most highly anticipated films: Deadpool & Wolverine. The third film in the Deadpool franchise sees Ryan Reynolds reprise his role as his character officially becomes part of Disney’s MCU – and he’s bringing Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine along for the ride.

Feige noted that the feature will mark the first in the MCU to receive an R-rating – which was clear in the footage revealed during the presentation, which dropped plenty of F-bombs. The 9-minute clip showed Wade working at a used car dealership called Drivemax with Peter, before heading off to his surprise birthday party. The TVA (as seen in Loki) show up to crash the party, as fans saw in the film’s Super Bowl trailer. Wade talks with Mr. Paradox, dunks on Logan’s suit, and eventually declares, “F*ck it, I’m going to Disneyland!”

Deadpool & Wolverine premieres in theaters July 26.

You can get a more complete breakdown of all the Marvel footage revealed during CinemaCon here.

Alien: Romulus (August 16)

Alien: Romulus at CinemaCon during the 20th Century Studios presentation

After the MCU hype, Disney brought out another fan favorite: Alien: Romulus. The sci-fi horror franchise Alien is set to return with a new installment from director Fede Alvarez. Alvarez and producer Ridley Scott recorded a welcome message, which proceeded two preview clips from the film. The first-look footage featured swimming alien facehuggers AND a chestbursting scene!

Alien: Romulus premieres in theaters August 16.

Searchlight Pictures Updates

Up next, a showcase from Searchlight Pictures, featuring Nightbitch starring Amy Adams; a trailer for Kinds of Kindness from Academy Award-winning director Yorgos Lanthimos; star-studded political drama Ella McCay; and a sneak peak clip of The Amateur starring Rami Malek.

Mufasa (December 20)

Following Searchlight, director Barry Jenkins took the stage to discuss upcoming Lion King flick Mufasa. The film functions as a prequel to Disney’s 2019 “live-action” Lion King. Jenkins showcased a teaser for the feature for the CinemaCon audience. Mufasa premieres in theaters December 20.

Moana 2 (November 27)

Next Disney talked about the success of 2016’s animated feature Moana, gearing up for Moana 2 later this year. Hawaiian dancers took the stage to perform.

Then, Dwayne Johnson joined the stage. The National Association of Theatre Owners (NATO) honored Johnson with the Spirit of the Industry Award.

Finally, Disney revealed a sneak peek at Moana 2, featuring a new song sung by Auli’i Cravalho. The lyrics refer to “who we’re meant to be”. The footage included a glimpse of Johnson’s character Maui transforming into an eagle.

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