As CinemaCon 2024 enters its third day of programming, Lionsgate kicks off a big day of monumental announcements with their massive presentation. Team THS was on hand at the event to bring you everything that was revealed by the studio in Las Vegas this morning. 

The panel started with a highlight reel of the studio’s 2023 releases. Things then switched to the future as Lionsgate Motion Picture Group chair Adam Fogelson teased 3-10 tentpole pictures every year, including the upcoming live-action adaptation of Naruto from Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings director Destin Daniel Cretton and Margot Robbie’s Monopoly. He was then joined by Blumhouse founder and CEO Jason Blum, who announced a reimagining of the classic found footage horror film The Blair Witch Project alongside producer Roy Lee.

In The Grey (January 17, 2025)

The next announcement came from Henry Cavill after starring in The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare with filmmaker Guy Ritchie, which is set to release on April 19, 2024. The Justice League star appeared onstage following a first look at In The Grey, where he will reteam with the acclaimed director next year as he stars alongside Jake Gyllenhaal as gunmen who are aiming to steal back billions of dollars.

Cavill also touched on Highlander before wrapping up his portion of the presentation. He declared that fans who have seen him with a sword “haven’t seen anything yet.”

Borderlands (August 9, 2024)

After showing a new trailer for The Strangers: Chapter 1, which is set to hit theaters on May 17, 2024, it was time for Borderlands. Director Eli Roth and star Ariana Greenblatt took the stage after showing the trailer and a video featuring co-stars Jack Black, Kevin Hart, Cate Blanchett, and Jamie Lee Curtis. Greenblatt shared how incredible it was to work on this film and Roth revealed that he encouraged her to watch My Dinner With Andre to prepare for her part as Tiny Tina in the adaptation of the wildly popular space western video game series.

Never Let Go (September 27, 2024)

Following a new look at Rupert Sanders’ The Crow starring Bill Skarsgård, the crowd gets a first look at the creepy Never Let Go. Halle Berry appeared to discuss this unique tale about a mother and her two children that were born in a remote cabin and have never left. The veteran actor shared that she had never read a story like it and she loved the challenges that came with it, including learning how to skin a squirrel. But ultimately, the project reminded her of the lengths that she would go to protect her own children. 

Flight Risk

The presentation continued with more first looks at holiday film The Best Christmas Pageant Ever and action comedy The Killer’s Game starring Dave Bautista before arriving at Mel Gibson’s upcoming thriller Flight Risk. Mark Wahlberg, Topher Grace, Michelle Dockery star in this claustrophobic tale about a US Marshall (Dockery), her captive informant (Grace), and the pilot/hitman (Wahlberg) charged with taking out his passenger. Based on the footage shown at the presentation, we’re in for some big stakes crammed into a small space from Jared Rosenberg’s screenplay that was featured as one of last year’s top unproduced scripts in Hollywood on the annual Black List. 

Good Fortune

The action kept moving with a look at Joe Carnahan’s Shadow Force starring Kerry Washington before shifting to star-studded comedy Good Fortune. Seth Rogen, Aziz Ansari, Keke Palmer, and Keanu Reeves star in Ansari’s feature film directorial debut about a gig worker (Ansari) that aspires to have his rich douchey boss’ (Rogen) life. With the help of Reeves as an angel, the two switch lives in an effort to see how superficial that life really is. However, since he fails to show Ansari’s character the error of his ways, this angel loses his wings and hilarity ensues. 

The filmmaker known for his work on Parks and Recreation and Master of None appeared onstage to share that he really wanted to make a movie where the audience can see just how hard it is to be a gig worker. Also, despite staying healthy and avoiding injury on the sets of the John Wick franchise, Ansari revealed that Reeves fractured his knee while tripping on the carpet in his trailer. 

John Wick Presents Ballerina (June 6, 2025)

Speaking of John Wick, the studio unveiled a new look at Len Wiseman’s upcoming spinoff John Wick Presents Ballerina starring Ana de Armas. The film will be set in-between the third and fourth installments of the franchise and it is set to dance into theaters on June 6, 2025. 

Michael (April 18, 2025)

Finally, producer Graham King appeared to discuss Michael, the upcoming biographical musical drama about “The King of Pop” Michael Jackson from director Antoine Fuqua. The crowd was treated to an incredibly emotional first look at the film and it was revealed that it would ultimately feature 30 songs spanning the legendary musician’s career including “Man in the Mirror.” 

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