When you visit Six Flags Magic Mountain this spring, you can take your tastebuds on a trip around the world. The Flavors of the World food festival runs on weekends from March 23 – May 5, and lets you experience cuisine inspired by seven different countries as you explore the park.

Your Flavors of the World food and beverage passport will take you to The Caribbean, China, Greece, India, Italy, Korea, and Mexico. Each location offers three entreés, a dessert, and a non-alcoholic beverage. Park guests can get a pass to taste either 8 or 12 items in any combination from the Flavors of the World kiosks.

**Important note for people attending Flavors of the World during Scream Break!**

Flavors of the World overlaps with another spring event at Six Flags Magic Mountain: Scream Break. While Scream Break operates on extended park hours, Flavors of the World does not. Flavors of the World kiosks close an hour before the park’s regular closing hours. We realized this too late and only got to visit 3 out of 7 countries before closing! So, if you’re trying to get in both your snacks and scares this spring, plan wisely.

Inside the food at Flavors of the World


Chicken & Pork Dumplings – Texture-wise, the dumpling wrappings were a little softer than I would have preferred. However, they were well-filled and the flavor was good! Skip the sauce though – that was way too sweet. 7/10

Gochujang Chicken Wings – These wings were great! The skin was perfectly crispy, and the gochujang dipping sauce was delicious, a good blend of heat and sweetness. I think it could have been spicier, but it was still tasty. The wings are served with some white rice as well, which isn’t anything special on its own, but you’ll probably have enough sauce left over to jazz it up a bit. 8/10


Yakisoba Noodles with Chicken – Overall, this felt pretty average. The chicken and noodles both had some flavor, but nothing particularly special or standout. 6/10

Tiger Lily Boba Soda – Definitely the biggest disappointment of the day. The lavender soda was so bitter, it was basically undrinkable on its own. However, the mango popping boba tastes great. The two elements don’t really blend into something new though. You either take a sip with a boba pearl and it’s good because that flavor completely takes over, or you take a sip without a boba pearl and it’s bad.  3/10


Grilled Tandoori Chicken Kebab – This gets a shoutout for being by far the biggest portion served to us during the festival – two kebab skewers and a huge mound of rice. While most offerings at the food festival are tastings, this feels more like a small meal. Unfortunately, flavor-wise, it was just average. The chicken was juicy, but a little bland, as was the tikka masala sauce. 5/10

Punjabi Samosa – These little bite-sized samosas had a great buttery, flaky outside and a flavorful filling. The ratio of pastry to filling could be improved to make this a 10/10, but overall they were very good. 8.5/10

Get your Flavors of the World passport

Flavors of the World runs Saturdays and Sundays between March 23 and May 5. Separate park admission is required to attend the festival.

The 8 sample passport costs $49.99. The 12 sample passport costs $64.99.

The regular Flavors of the World passports do not include alcoholic beverages. However, you can also opt to “drink around the world” with a 3 cocktail flight for $29.99.

To learn more about Flavors of the World and to purchase park passes and festival passports, visit the Six Flags website.