Last October, Miramax revealed it snapped up the rights to create a Halloween TV series, based on the iconic Michael Myers horror slasher film franchise. Now we have a few more details about what that series could look like.

Miramax produced the most recent feature installments in the Halloween franchise, David Gordon Green’s Halloween (2018), Halloween Kills (2021), and Halloween Ends (2022). However, the company’s association with this trilogy doesn’t mean the upcoming TV series will directly relate to these specific films.

At a recent red carpet for The Gentlemen, Miramax Head Of Worldwide Television Marc Helwig told Deadline he believed Halloween Ends provided a fitting conclusion to the franchise’s arc. “So I don’t think that is an opportunity to go off the back of that,” he said.

Instead, the upcoming TV series will return to the franchise’s roots – the original Halloween film.

“The foundation of it is the original film, the John Carpenter movie, the characters of that film, and perhaps a group of characters that we haven’t really focused on that much in recent film versions or even in a number of them,” Helwig said. “It’s a creative reset completely and going back to the original film, as opposed to spinning out of any of the more recent film adaptations.”

While the search for a writer for the series remains ongoing, Helwig said the project is “a big priority” for Miramax.

“We’re on a fast track… We’ve had lots of exciting conversations in recent months with a number of really talented people, and I think we’ll have a pretty good idea of what we’re going to be doing very soon,” Helwig said. “We’re hoping to lock down the creative team very soon.”

So, with the Halloween series returning to the original 1978 film, what do you hope to see? Let us know in the comments below.

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Source: Deadline

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