Quest’s End Whiskey brings together two beloved elements: Whiskey and Geek Culture! Created by a team including actor and Beadle & Grimm co-founder Matthew Lillard, as well as screenwriter Justin Ware, and Blue Run Spirits co-founder Tim Sparapani. Then, partnered with fantasy illustrator Tyler Jacobson, and Dungeons & Dragons game designer Kate Welch. This drinking experience is designed to captivate Fantasy Table Top Gamers.

The rollout of Quest’s End Whiskey is gradual, with each bottle drawing inspiration from beloved Fantasy Classes and Creatures. The initial release was Quest’s End: PALADIN. Then, adding a playful touch, every Whiskey is paired with a unique fantasy tale penned by Kate Welch. So, for those unfamiliar, Welch is a Professional Dungeon Master. She is also the first female game designer in Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition. The inaugural narrative is “Dawn of the Unbound Gods: A Paladin Story.”

The next installment in its collection of exclusive, high-quality whiskeys, as well as paired with the next chapter in the unfolding fantasy narrative, “Dawn of the Unbound Gods,” is ROGUE!


So, Quest’s End Whiskey: ROGUE is described as a blend of rich vanilla notes, vibrant baked apple/jammy fruit flavors, and refreshing herbaceous undertones. Thus resulting in a harmonious aroma and finish. This combination aligns with the smoothness and blending versatility typically associated with a Rogue.

Also, just like a rogue, Quest’s End Whiskey is diving straight into the exciting part: the Presale is officially live! Right now, they are bottling in two batches, with the first batch almost finished. You can secure your bottle now before the public sale on 2/29 to guarantee shipment in March. No password is required. They’re opening a secret door just for you.

Presale for newsletter subscribers starts early on Tuesday, February 27 and sale for the general public begins on Thursday, February 29.