Diving into Netflix’s Love is Blind Season 6, Eps 7-9 we are out of the pods, wrapping up the honeymoons, and heading home. Our hopefuls are still clinging to hope that their Love is Blind. However, I’m not feeling as confident. So, what have our hopeful couples been up to?


Somehow the two have patched up their nasty fight from the previous Love is Blind episodes and are moving forward. However, it’s not over. Chelsea and Jimmy are the definition of fake it until you hopefully don’t break it for the rest of the honeymoon. Things only get worse and more awkward when they get home, see each other’s places, and meet friends. Chelsea is bragging to her friends but then drops the bomb that someone showed Jimmy a picture of Jessica. So now she’s in a self-esteem spiral and the only way out is to pick a fight with Jimmy so she can feel like he chooses her.

Their fights are infuriating. I was never #TeamJimmy, but here I am becoming one of his biggest supporters. Chelsea constantly badgers him with her “feelings” expecting him to just take it. She’s making up problem after problem, but when Jimmy points out the accusations are false she hard pivots to something else that she can pretend is an issue. When Jimmy finally hits his last straw and calls Chelsea clingy she loses it. Ma’am. If you were to look up clingy in the dictionary your photo would be under it. I can’t imagine how exhausting it is to have to constantly validate someone’s feelings. At some point, he’s going to get tired of her pushing him to the breaking point. I’m exhausted just watching it.


Johnny and Amy seem to be the most stable couple on this season of Love is Blind since coming home. They stay out of other couples’ drama, communicate well, and seem to be on the same page about most things. Their biggest hiccup is the topic of birth control. Johnny thought every woman was on birth control. It never occurred to him that it wouldn’t be the case with someone he was dating. This only points to why sex education is so important in schools. There are tons of other contraception options besides birth control if you want more protection than condoms.


A.D. is a self-proclaimed fixer and does she have a problem on her hands. While still on their honeymoon, Clay continues to share his insecurities about himself, his doubts about marriage, and worries that he’ll be just like his father. He continues to blame his terrible life choices on not having good examples of black men in healthy relationships whether personally or celebrities. He continually says he wants to go to therapy, but I don’t see that happening.

The meeting of Clay’s family was interesting. Watching his mother validate his not-great choices was surprising. I think she’s trying to be gentle with her son who is struggling with his daddy issues. As the episodes go on, I think Love is Blind for A.D., but I do not think Clay is ready for this level of relationship. If they even make it to the altar I will be shocked.


As Laura and Jeramey continue their Love is Blind relationship out of the pods the less I’m rooting for them. Laura is kind of terrible. She’s controlling and mean. When meeting her family she threw him straight under the bus expecting them to be on her side. I am so glad they weren’t.

Since being home, Jeramey received a DM from Sarah Ann saying something along the lines of – if he changes his mind the door is open. He told Laura immediately and she was pissed he acknowledged the message in any way. If you know how social media works, he didn’t reply he double-tapped. Her brother immediately shut it down saying Jeramey was honest that’s what matters. Her sister ripped into her about his Hawaiian shirts and shutting down anything that brought him joy. What happens next I didn’t see coming, but man is it great.

All of this happens off-camera. We learn about it in a recap confrontation between them. Jeramey goes out drinking with friends and Sarah Ann is there. The two end up talking until 5 a.m. Jeramey shared his location with Laura as an act of transparency assuming she’d never check it. Laura is LIVID. As she should be. Jeramey is incredibly defensive the entire time they are having this conversation. If nothing happened and it wasn’t a big deal just tell the story. Laura sits there allowing Jeramey to dig a huge hole for himself because she knows the truth. When he lies saying they stayed in the parking lot of the bar. Then tries to say it didn’t look like it cause they were in the alley parked, Laura drops the bomb. She saw his location up where Sarah Ann lives. He went to her house supposedly to take her home.

Honestly, I don’t think there’s any coming back from this for them.


It seems while on their honeymoon my favorite season 6 Love is Blind couple, Kenneth and Brittany are losing their spark. Brittany is begging for affection and Kenneth is acting oblivious. When they get home things just get worse. While I understand Kenneth is a principal of a school and needs to catch up on work, meetings, etc. the man doesn’t even help her unpack. Then, when talking about breaking in their new place tells her she has to cook them dinner and they’ll enjoy the food together.

Finally, Brittany decides to talk to Kenneth about how she’s been feeling. She doesn’t feel like he wants her in any capacity. She shares that while yes they want to save sex for marriage the two haven’t even made out. She’s still begging him for affection. All of this while he’s playing on his phone. Kenneth then becomes the ultimate gaslighter pointing fingers at Brittany and flipping everything back at her. He tries to say that’s how she feels, but it’s not true. We have seen zero evidence of the contrary, so…Then, basically says if that’s how she feels they should end things. WHAT?! All she wanted was to talk to him about why they’re not affectionate when she’s been begging him to be and he ends it. He then leaves her to sob alone in the kitchen. Never trust a pious man.

So far, things are not looking great for the “happy” couples of Love is Blind season 6. Here’s to next week!