If you are excited about the upcoming Avatar: The Last Airbender Netflix series you will want to check this out! FUN.com has announced that it is having a sale on just about all of their Avatar: The Last Airbender exclusives. From shirts to shoes, you will not want to miss out on this exclusive sale. So, make sure to head over to FUN.com for your Avatar: The Last Airbender Netflix series needs. You can check out a few of the items on sale below.

Avatar State Aang T-Shirt for Men

If you are anything like us then you have always wanted the power to bend the elements. Whether it be fire, water, earth, or air, the power to control one of them would be incredibly helpful. Heat your home on a chilly night or water your garden with little to no effort. You could finally fix that pothole in your driveway or even enjoy a nice refreshing breeze on a hot, still day. Sadly, these powers seem to be a distant dream for many of us. However, you can always utilize the power of fashion bending!

That’s right. Change your outfit or even your entire wardrobe with ease thanks to the ancient art known as “shopping”. Use this power to give yourself a fun and unique style. We suggest starting with this awesome graphic tee shirt. It features Aang from Avatar, one of the most powerful benders ever. In the image printed on the shirt, Aang is in his Avatar state. It is shown by his glowing white eyes as well as his head tattoo, which is also glowing white. Start learning to channel your chi, like Aang, and begin your fashion-bending journey today with your very own Avatar-themed T-shirt.

Air Nomads Avatar The Last Airbender Ramen Bowl with Chopsticks

The Air Nomads, like Avatar Aang, just don’t need much to remain content. They live a life of simplicity. They’re not weighed down by possessions or property, so it allows them to live a rather open and free lifestyle. Of course, one thing that the Air Nomads still need like everyone else is a full belly! Yep, the only thing more satisfying than a ride on a flying bison is a big bowl of noodles. You can bet that every Air Nomad has their own ramen bowl handy for mealtime!

There’s no better bowl to use for mealtime than this Avatar: The Last Airbender Ramen Bowl. It’s officially licensed from the Nickelodeon cartoon series and features a unique design based on the Air Nomads. The side of the bowl has a soft blue Air Nomad symbol on it, which is the same color as the classic arrow tattoos. The bowl also comes with a pair of chopsticks, which fit conveniently into a hole designed into the bowl. You can rest them in the bowl when not in use! Just fill it up with your favorite food and you’ll be ready to have lunch like an Airbender.

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